Simple first steps to lose weight

And on and on it goes… Loosing weight is a topic that gets covered ad nuseum on the internet. The whole spectrum is covered from work outs to diets to how many breaths a minute you should take a minute LOL. Where do you start though? Sure you can read a book, subscribe to a website, get a trainer no one is stopping you but there are a couple very simple things you can do right now that can get you on the path to losing weight.

Does this mean these simple steps are going to result in a 100lb weight loss? Maybe, but what I can say is this will help change your metabolism which is the lynch pin to losing weight. Your metabolism is basically how you convert food to energy to sustain life functions. From breathing to bathroom breaks you need energy to execute bodilty functions.

So a few things you can do:

  1. Always take the stairs: By increasing your steps you increase the amount of calories you burn. Find a way to take more steps at work, take the stairs, take the long way to the office etc.
  2. Reduce your sugar: Candy, Gum, Sugar in the coffee, processed foods… look at the food you are eating and look for food that has low sugar. That doesn’t mean low carbs (that’s later) just start cutting sugar.
  3. Soda is a treat not a staple: Start replacing some of your soda intake with either water or coffee. Not heavy cream/sugar filled coffee but soda really has no benefit at all. Sure have it once in a while but start cutting this out of your diet.
  4. Higher quality of food: Think of your body as a mutual fund, the more you invest over time the more income you get. Start eating the best quality food you can get. Yes this will cost you more but your worth the investment. Higher quality food = less chemicals = less stress on your body functions.
  5. Fruit in moderation: People rightly believe that fruit is good for them. The issue really is the amount of fruit and source of fruit. First you want organic fruit, as non organic fruit is covered in pesticides your body has a hard time processing these. But the amount of fruit is critical as fruit is loaded with sugars.

Bottom line is small changes like these get you on the path. If every Monday you start a new diet, this Monday start a new lifestyle and try incorporating one or ALL of the items above !

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