A quick post on politics

I know, there is no escape LOL. I usually find myself in neither the “right” or “left” camp. I often find that dependent on the issue I could go either way. As an example, I believe our military is way too large, we have bases all over the world and for what? To defend against whom? To base operations/attacks against what country? On another issue, I believe if you work hard you should be rewarded, and if you don’t work (and you can) you should not receive benefits funded by those who do work hard.

On and on we go the merry go round never ends. We are entering the political season, you’re going to start to see political ads, debates etc. This time though it’s going to be Democrats front and center, in 16 it was republicans. Trump won as a populist, without getting into the whole Trump good, Trump bad debate, he won and here we are.

What I am looking for is an alternative that has a good platform. Many democrats seem to believe that “trump bad” is enough to run on, but what are they really running on? We have one notable policy from Bernie Sanders, he wants “Medicare for all”. Okay that’s something I can actually research, debate, discuss etc. Everything is polarized now, and it’s not one person, one policy, one event that got us to this point.

In the coming few years a lot of crap is going to be out there, collusion, obstruction, horror, famine… you know the deal. Every scare tactic in the book will be used to frighten you into voting one way or the other. Both sides do it, it’s not exclusive to the “liberal media” as many on the right would have you believe.

Take the time, look at the candidates and consider what they are actually proposing to do. You knew with Trump he wanted to “build the wall” like it, hate it, whatever at least you had a definitive policy to look at and assess. These policies will start to come out more and more now, keep your eye open for realistic policies that improve the lives of Americans. Those are the people I want to vote for and I don’t care what political party they are a part of.

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