Top worry for Americans remain the same

Americans still worry about health care and for good reason. Everyone needs some form of health care, the issue is really cost. If you have a full time job chances are you are getting a health benefit as part of your compensation. What many people don’t realize is the company often bares the larger burden for your health care costs. This guarantee from your company allows insurance companies to charge more as they weave a very intricate web of charging just enough to be profitable but never crossing the threshold of too expensive for the majority.

America is aging, our most populated generation the baby boomers are now retirement age and experience health issues. On top of that over the last decade we have had political fights over “Obama Care” and let’s be honest here, the affordable care act was in spirit a good bill. Mandating and providing health care for all American’s is at its core a good thing, at least well intended if not poorly implemented. However the truth is costs haven’t gone down, the amount of the uninsured has gone up and we now have even more division politically making the chances for improvements to the ACA even more of a long shot.

Americans are not happy about this and we are worried and with good reason:


“We’ve been hearing a lot from our state leaders, consumer leaders, and from the public about this, and the statistics are pretty startling. Over the last 40 years, we’ve seen a six-fold increase adjusting from inflation. We’re spending six times more as a country on health care than we did 40 years ago.”

We are spending more on health care and we aren’t getting better results, so what is actually happening? Insurance companies and drug companies are making a killing in profits. Prescription drugs are a huge part of this and as part of the health care debacle in this country via prescription drugs we have had an opioid crisis. Additionally we have had more restructuring in hospitals and care facilities decreasing consumers options.

Like any business competition is the key to providing a quality product at competitive prices. The bad news is Congress and the President are at odds and in order to fix this ever growing mess we need everyone on the same page. Worrying about health care is an anxiety trigger, if you can’t afford medication or can’t afford an office visit or don’t have health insurance at all it can be very alarming. Contact your politician at the local, state and federal level and let them know we need action on this. Health care shouldn’t be a luxury item, our health is paramount.

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