When you know more about what’s wrong, you can help make it right.

That was the catch phrase from the original Zoloft commercial I remember seeing this commercial on TV years ago and thinking to myself at the time “ya that sounds like me” I have always been of the opinion that taking a prescription drug is like surgery or war, it should done as a last resort. I never have, and still don’t take a prescription for my anxiety and border line depression. I have discussed this with my Dr over the years she has offered to write me a prescription many times.

For me I always wanted to fight against my issues myself and to a degree I have succeeded. However from time to time I wonder “would it be easier if I just took a pill?” I imagine it would but I am thankful I do not have symptoms severe enough to seriously consider it at this time. I see more modern commercials, with sun light shining on happy smiling people and a part of me thinks that the marketing of these drugs has become sinister.

You see, if you are someone who suffers from anxiety or depression, regardless of degree, you at some point have experienced the very real desperation of “being in the moment”. These are the episodes where things are very brutal, you think the worse, feel the worse and your mind allows for all sorts of horrific outcomes. I sometimes feel when I see these new commercials that they play on these, for some, very morbid notions and offer an unrealistic outcome.

The sun breaks, your smiling with beautiful people… I mean maybe I am being overly cynical here but when I rewatch the original Zoloft commercial it’s a cartoon blob being followed around by a cloud. It wasn’t glamorous it was simple, you take Zoloft and the rain cloud goes away. I know that’s essentially the same thing that the modern commercials are doing but when you have an animation like this, it abstracts the outcomes enough to temper your expectations.

I know, spoken like a true believer… Anyway if you are on medication this wasn’t meant to offend or be judgmental. I’m lucky I’m coping on my own, but if you are not on medication and you think you might need to be that’s okay. You should check with your Dr ASAP and talk to them about your condition. Taking medication to address anxiety and depression is nothing to be ashamed about you should be commended for taking action to correct a situation.

As the original Zoloft ad said “When you know more about what’s wrong, you can help make it right”. Maybe medication is for you, but don’t let the commercials inform you exclusively, talk to your dr !

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