My 100th Blog post.

I never realized how rewarding and helpful posting my thoughts would be. I started this blog mainly because I needed a place to put things out into the world and get them off my mind. There comes a point in your life when you believe you have obtained wisdom. Further, you believe that sharing your wisdom may help others. What you don’t suspect is, that it’s really helping you.

I wanted to thank everyone who has followed me, viewed my content and supported my work with their views. I’ve learned a lot about myself and about many of you along the way. Anxiety, stress, depression and mental health are serious issues we don’t talk enough about. I am hopeful on my little corner of the web that people get some value from the content I post and feel better for having read it.

I do create other content, on my page you can find links to my You tube channel where I discuss politics and I post some of my gaming videos. I also use where I post my blog posts here and my political videos. All of my content is free, you will never have to pay to view it. More importantly, my content is a safe space. Your gender, sexuality, race, political leanings are unique to you and I am a strident believer in liberty. I do not tolerate attacks on people, on my media sites.

I plan to continue posting Monday – Wednesday – Friday every week. I hope you enjoy the content. You are welcome to leave a comment or ask questions any time. I dont bite !

Thanks again for all your support, I truly appreciate it! onward to the next 100 posts!

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