India is getting it right.

When we blog on word press we have a world-wide audience. I read news from around the world and I recently found an article from India.

The bottom line is at universities in India you will soon be able to study happiness. From the article:

According to the university’s vice chancellor Himanshu Pandy . “It is high time we taught people how to deal with this stress and not give up the challenge of bringing back a rhythm to life” 

Great news! Also, India is ahead of the curve (IMHO) from a government perspective. In Madhya Pradesh (a state/province) in India they have a Minster of Happiness. The bottom line is they are taking happiness seriously.

This is a boon for people with anxiety, increased awareness, increased dialogue and increased access = better outcomes. I am not fluent in Indian social structures, I can’t tell you what its like in the communities there. I can tell you in the states we are just waking up to some of the realities of our cultural pressures.

There are many arguments out there for people to “suck it up” or “put their big boy pants on” yadda yadda you get the gist. In some cases, a dose of that is warranted, but the reality is we have a mental health crisis in the United States. Drug addiction, depression, mass shootings…. Sure, its not an every day bloodbath but the point is we need to do more on mental illness not less.

Perhaps its time to look to some of our friends to the east. We hear in the news daily about china, what about India? India has been a good friend to the United States for a long time. Sure, their system isn’t perfect, but much like us they have a functioning democracy who, according to the article above, is investing in the mental health of its citizens.

That’s what we should be doing, and spending less time policing the world. Imagine for a moment if we cut out half our military installations in Germany

How much money would we save the U.S. tax payer? Could that money be used to better serve our population and address mental health? I have no desire to affect Germany negatively, but WWII ended nearly 75 years ago do we really need all those bases there? India is making an investment into the health and well-being of its citizens. Who knows if it will work or not but it’s the kind of program you want government to enact. Services for the citizens how pay taxes, we could learn a lot from them. Maybe its time we turn our gaze to the other giant in the east, India.

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