Which do you prescribe too? “Well what does Wyrd mean?” Wyrd is roughly translated to old English as fate. The word in of itself is specific but the concept behind the word is a bit more vast. The theory of fate, in relation to time is that all things that happen in the course of your life is fate. Fate is an interesting concept. It is the belief that occurrences happen via the will of a super natural being.

Therefore, many pagan’s have odd relationships with time. Its not easy to explain but if you are someone who has given over to fate, you realize that events that occur today are intertwined with things that have happened in the past and WILL happen in the future. This leads to a lot of anxiety because you truly are cognizant of the moment. You know that what is happening now is part of a larger predetermined series of events.

You begin to extrapolate out what each event means and what it could mean going forward, or, even worse, you look back to see if you did something prior to lead to this outcome. It is a maddening cycle because as time goes on, the more you subscribe to this belief system it becomes a black hole of anxiety. I envy people of faith, whatever the discipline, because it requires a portion of yourself and mind to “give yourself over” to outcomes beyond your control.

So, is time even real? Is it all a predetermined series of events that you are just a participant in? Your will is irrelevant, you’re desire an aside, I don’t know…. Here is a link for you to look at If you are interested in more

From the link: “The procession of events in the world, and in any person’s life, could only be understood with reference to fate, but fate itself could not be understood. Those who practiced the magical art of seidr could sometimes see what fate had in store, but there was no particular rhyme or reason in why some particular outcome was fated when an alternative outcome was not. Fate had no moral significance, and there were no caring or cruel motives behind it.”

Is this all folly? Have I wasted all my time worrying about things I can’t control? Or is my fate to worry about it?

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