Thank you for supporting my blog!

So, September is now officially over. While I am a new blogger and my blog is very small compared to others month after month I keep getting more and more visitors. I think its important from time to time to step outside the normal posting routine and talk about the blog.

If you are a regular you know I post Monday, Wednesday and Friday. I post mainly about Anxiety, Stress and Depression. I also delve into concepts of time and other musings (which is just a catch all). When I started this blog I really didn’t have expectations for growth readers etc. Of course, I hoped to be successful, to have people want to read my content but it was never my intent to make this a commercial enterprise.

I write all the posts on this blog. Some blogs outsource writing and that’s fine. For me I prefer to create the pieces myself, good bad or ugly. I don’t have any intention of stopping the blog, but I think its important to be open to other avenues with writing. I am going to continue to produce pieces that are important to me, particularly about stress. That said I will be delving into other areas as well, but rest assured I will not be jumping into politics.

This blog is a safe place for anyone, I don’t care about your religion, sexuality, political position, or geography. I’m more interested in putting my thoughts into the world and interacting with people. You are welcome here, no matter where you are from. To be transparent I wanted to share with you the blog views and where they came from in Sept.

I am U.S. based so this doesn’t really surprise me. I wanted to be clear, the one person from Slovenia who stopped by is just as welcome as the 82 from the U.S.

Again, I realize this isn’t a huge blog but its my blog. Thank you for supporting me, and thank you for your views, likes and comments I truly appreciate it.


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