Some good news for our friends in India?

svāgat haiṅ !

Several of the consumers of my blog reside in India. The more I read about India the more I realize how similar it is to the U.S. It’s a really interesting and diverse culture, and many suffer from anxiety (just like your western friends). I stumbled on a great article pertaining to the Indian government trying to address mental disorders.

As it turns out India has a serious issue with their younger population and anxiety. From the article: “Each day, about six students commit suicide due to academic failure. India has the highest student suicide rate with nearly 38,000 students committing suicide since 2015”


Now further in the article I found that IIT’s (Indian Institute of Technology) in Delhi, Mumbai and Madras have campus wellness centers that work to help and assist students with anxiety and stress. I am unclear culturally if its -normal- to seek help. We are encouraged here in the west but there is still a social stigma attached to getting mental health services. Its less now, but you still feel it.

Anyway, its very good news that the Indian government is taking the mental health of its population seriously. In a global, competitive environment everyone has stress. My self, I did 6 years of college for my masters it was hard but, in the end,  I was rewarded with good jobs.

That’s not always the case though, and for my friends in India I would say that as overwhelming as the present is now, the future is always the wild card. I’m not going to lie to you and tell you “things will get better” they may not. That said the chance for things to get better reside in the future. Invest in the notion that hard work and perseverance will pay off for you, if not economically at least spiritually.

The world seems to be looking more and more into Mental Health issues. In the states we have a robust discourse now over fire arms and mental health, its long overdue. In your world it appears from what I am reading your government acknowledges there is an issue with the young people of India and the stress of success.

This is a positive thing, take heart and don’t give in to fear. Remember you aren’t alone, there are millions of us all over the world who deal with Anxiety at different levels every day. I live a world away from you and while I will not tell you my anxiety is the same is yours I have had very dark periods in my life, I survived and so can you.

You are doing fantastic, one day at a time.

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