Can stress lead to “leaky gut”

The short answer is yes. The long answer includes clarification on what “leaky gut” is:

“Small gaps in the intestinal wall called tight junctions allow water and nutrients to pass through, while blocking the passage of harmful substances. Intestinal permeability refers to how easily substances pass through the intestinal wall. When the tight junctions of intestinal walls become loose, the gut becomes more permeable, which may allow bacteria and toxins to pass from the gut into the bloodstream. This phenomenon is commonly referred to as “leaky gut.”


So, when we have a “leaky gut” condition your stomach sends messages to your brain that a repair is necessary. This begins the neurological process of the body’s systems perceiving that it is in a constant inflammation state. This creates the conditions of a constant threat; your neurological system stays on edge with adrenaline dumps.

Here is the sinister part…. The constancy of the “leaky gut” condition is tied in directly to stress. Stress directly burns through glutamine an amino acid that produces GABA, a mellowing neurotransmitter that is inhibitory to stress. Glutamine is also a fuel source and a building block for gut cells, which means the depletion of glutamine to fight stress further drives gut damage.

Here is a link to a pretty detailed article on the subject

There are several ways to combat this, the first is always talk to your Dr if you think you have this condition. However, removing irritants: corn, soy, gluten, dairy, and sugar can help tremendously as they all can be primary drivers in inflammation. “Leaky gut” is a fairly new term and its yet another thing to consider when treating your stress and anxiety symptoms.

The war rages on, you can do it, one battle at a time.

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