Singer cancels 20 tour dates because of Social Anxiety

It really is a wide-ranging affliction. So, I am unfamiliar with this singer, Summer Walker. She suffers from Social Anxiety and has been pretty up front about it. So according to the article here she is canceling concerts explicitly as a result of social anxiety.

From the article: “I’m not going to be able to finish this tour because it doesn’t really coexist with my social anxiety and my introverted personality,” she said in a video. “I’m a person, I have feelings. I get tired, I get sad and it’s just a lot.”

Now I can’t imagine what its like to get up on stage in front of thousands and perform, but that is this woman’s chosen profession. It must be extremely difficult to navigate given your success is predicated on the judgement of others. This must really amp up her social anxiety and as the statement from her above clearly points out, its more then she can bare.

I suspect over the years there has been plenty of celebrities who have social anxiety and plug through or turn to drugs and alcohol to cope. I think this is an incredible move on her part and I applaud her for it. Being honest about your anxiety opens you up to all sorts of criticism but it also allows you the freedom to be real with yourself.

I hope others with anxiety see this and take heart. The social stigma associated with anxiety is dissipating. It’s becoming socially acceptable to have this affliction. I know it seems odd to say this, but many people out there don’t believe that anxiety is a true “condition”. Many believe its drama, or someone wants attention.

You do you and remember if you have social anxiety you are no alone. There are resources out there to help you, and there are millions of people, like Summer Walker who have it, are living with it, and owning it. You are doing great, one day at a time.

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