The Wisdom of Tolkien ….. Again….

“How do you move on? You move on when your heart finally understands that there is no turning back.”
J.R.R. Tolkien

I’ve come back to Tolkien again. Yes, I am a fan of high fantasy, there are so many pearls of wisdom from Tolkien its hard to accumulate them all succinctly.

The quote is powerful, it is an allowance if you will. It’s okay to reflect, and its okay to look back but why are you looking back? Regret? That’s natural. Are you wishing that you could be in that place in the past? That’s natural. Are you refusing to let go and understand there is no turning back? That is natural.

When we think about our past, it is in our interest to consider this proposition: Those who dwell in the past sacrifice the present, in that moment, which compromises the future. Those who forget and dismiss the past, are ordained to repeat it again until they allow its wisdom to take hold.

I know, it’s wordy but how do you move on? Are there things in your life and events that you dwell on? I do, and I can’t exercise them from my mind. I am working on it are you? There is no turning back….

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