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Tinnitus is a condition I have had for many years now. You can see my initial blog post about the issue here. Tinnitus is manageable for me and while I live with it it’s another thing I have to contend with in my day to day war with anxiety. Millions of people have Tinnitus and there is no cure for it, only treatments.

We do have some good news though via this article

From this article: “The fear of this pandemic has ignited an emotional firestorm for millions of us who may never have had to draw on tools for coping with difficult emotions,” said Jill Meltzer, AuD, who is chair of the ATA board of directors. “As an organization, we help people daily who are struggling with tinnitus, from finding appropriate healthcare practitioners to providing easy-to-use management tools to improve concentration and sleep. In our latest publication, we’re tackling the negative emotional impact of tinnitus, which can trigger anxiety, fear, and depression. Those emotions are what many of us are now feeling so we want to make this issue available to people outside of the tinnitus community.”

A direct link to the ATA is here https://www.ata.org/

Tinnitus isn’t a horrible, it’s manageable. Like many other things at this point in time things are challenging right now. You are likely sitting at home and spending more time on your PC then you normally do. It’s also likely you are using headsets and ear buds more. Please be mindful of the volume of the sound, Tinnitus comes with time. The damage you are doing in your teens and 20’s manifest in your 40’s and 50’s.

There are some people who have tinnitus and the symptoms are so severe they cannot hear other people, only the ringing. Right now between 15-20% of people are affected by Tinnitus, it’s a staggering number. Tinnitus is a symptom of another condition, it’s usually because you have damaged a portion of your ear and that damage is not repairable. Have you ever been stuck in traffic and there is someone with a loud radio? To the point that the base is shaking their car and your car?

This person, if they continue will be deaf someday. Hearing aids help, but in the end if you damage your ear too severely and get tinnitus you will be hearing ringing in your ear for the rest of your days. TURN IT DOWN !  

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