Wisdom from the past:“Punctuality is the thief of time.” – Oscar Wilde, From -The Picture of Dorian Gray-

Once again we harken back to the past to pull out some wisdom on the value of time. As I have said in posts before here Time is the most valuable commodity on the planet. No one knows how much time they have been allotted. Your race, religion, gender, sexuality, aren’t relevant to time, it doesn’t care. How you spend your time is of course the trick isn’t it? How do we spend more time doing what we want, instead of spending time doing things we would rather not be doing?

There are of course many avenues to pursue to achieve the aim of maximizing your time. No one can really tell you the path to take, only you know what it is you truly enjoy doing. The quote from Wilde above is a little misleading. It is after all Oscar Wilde so we have to take his wit in historical context. If you don’t know who Oscar Wilde is, check out this site

What I glean from his quote is that when you invest effort in someone else, like being punctual because someone is waiting for you, you sacrifice your own time that you could spend on doing something else. That something else can be anything really. Yes that includes dressing up as one of your favorite movie characters !

The point here is creating opportunities to spend your time the way you want to should never be taken for granted. Meetings, appointments, deadlines… Are they all necessary? Are you beholden to a regimen of time management that benefits other people?

Look at how you are choosing to allocate your time. Take a week and write out how many hours during that week did you exchange your time for someone else. Work, chores, you name it put it on the list. Of course if you do that, you’ll be exchanging your time to accommodate someone else’s request, mine.

Please be punctual….

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3 thoughts on “Wisdom from the past:“Punctuality is the thief of time.” – Oscar Wilde, From -The Picture of Dorian Gray-

  1. I wanted to share your quote but Facebook blocked it becauue they say it has been reported as containing abusive content – have I missed something?
    You might like to visit me at Not Late But Timebending – we have some ideas in common!

    1. Hello. Abusive content? I have no idea where that would come from, I mean you read the article was I abusive? 🙂 I dont use facebook myself, but I try and keep this blog as clean as I can. Should you ever see something that is “abusive” I hope you will point it out to me.

      Thank you for supporting my blog I really appreciate it.

  2. I was watching a movie, and the punctuality quote came up. Naturally, I had to look it up and came across your blog. I appreciate your perspective. I am approaching retirement and need to sit down, re-evaluate how my time is spent (does it benefit me or others) and move forward from there. I also like what you said about doing what is important to me. I was watching another movie – I really like movies – and one of the characters said, “it’s really sad that you never got to do what is important to you”. Now that I am getting ready to retire, I need to do what is important to me.
    So, thanks again.

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