A mistake is not an excuse to quit

Everyone makes them some are of course larger than others but mistakes happen. As an aside if you ever want MORE attention nothing beats a good mistake J kidding aside here mistakes can be soul crushing. I bet if you took a moment to reflect on your life you could probably pick out 3-4 large mistakes that really resonate with you.

Making a mistake can have life changing consequences. We can all extrapolate out what that means but what is often very hard to do, in the midst of the mistakes aftermath is see beyond impact. Days turn to weeks, weeks to months, and months to years. Making a mistake is not an excuse to quit. You are not perfect and by no means does anyone hold you to that standard.

The most important thing you can do is understand why the mistake happened and work to fix it so it doesn’t happen again. It’s easy to give up, to quit and this absolves you from ever addressing the issue. Some mistakes are so severe the damage cannot be undone. You cannot recover, or rather you cannot go back to where you were before the mistake.

Some mistakes are very small and are fixable. You are going to make all of them, small, medium and large. How you cope with and deal with your mistakes is paramount. Take responsibility, yes that actually means saying aloud to whomever “I take responsibility”. Listen to what affected people say, work to fix what you can.

When you have gone as far as you can fixing a mistake you have to move on. Sometimes this is the hardest part as some people will not let it go. Sometimes those affected want their pound of flesh, tenfold. You can’t quit, you can’t give in to the horrible emotional consequences of making a mistake. Otherwise it will consume you and it will define you.

Don’t do it, a mistake is not an excuse to quit.

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3 thoughts on “A mistake is not an excuse to quit

  1. Really great post! I absolutely agree- mistakes are not an excuse to quit. Yes, some mistakes are harder to bounce back from but instead of quitting we should mistakes as a learning experience and try to grow from it.

  2. It really is easy to just throw in the towel especially for people with Anxiety. Small mistakes elevate to medium, medium to large large to catastrophic. Thanks for stopping by I really appreciate it.

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