New Smart watch to reduce stress?

Technology marches on. We have a member of our family who is 94 she is in good health still with it. I wonder sometimes what it must be like for her to have seen such huge technical advances in her life time. In my life time I have seen a lot too, and we have yet another coming. Found a good article here on a new Fitbit smartwatch.

From the article:  “Its headline feature is stress management, using an electrodermal activity (EDA) sensor to measure the conductivity of your skin which can be affected by your sweat gland.

The EDA scan is done by covering the Sense with the wearer’s palm – similar to silencing an Apple Watch – while subscribers to Fitbit’s Premium tier will also get metrics on exertion balance, responsiveness, as well as their sleep patterns. Another sensor on the smartwatch tracks your skin temperature, which can be an early sign of illness and could also be used by people who menstruate to track their cycles.”

It’s time to upgrade your watch…

Of course it’s likely that you will have to be a premium member to fully utilize these features but how cool is this? Again, we are looking for as many avenues as possible to fight stress and anxiety. Maybe this is the device that helps you? Who knows really, but things continue to improve in the treatment and identification of anxiety issues.

The point here is, companies are producing products to help address the issue of anxiety. On the flip side we know companies are profit driven and we can assume this is fulfilling a demand which isn’t a positive overall. That said we’ll take all the help we can get. Sure there are medications you can take and that’s a viable way to go for many people.

For thousands of us who struggle with Anxiety but are functioning without medication more resources and tools we can use to manage our anxiety attacks are most welcome. These products aren’t cheap though, you’re looking at 199-399 range. For me I am currently using an app to record my sleep time, its helping I am more aware and I think that’s the real benefit here.

Anything we can get that helps us manage anxiety is a positive in my opinion. Mental health issues are running rabid right now and I don’t see an immediate future where relief is in sight. Either way maybe this new tool helps you manage one thing that improves your life and makes you a little more at ease and a little happier. In the end isn’t that the best outcome from technology anyway?

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