Anxiety Bracelet – Do they work?

I don’t wear one myself but it’s a great idea if in fact it does work. I had heard about these before but never saw a great article that articulated what they are and how they work. They are based on the Chinese principals of acupuncture which is basically applying pressure to specific points of the body to affect a positive outcome. I’ve heard very good things about acupuncture and I found a great article here about these Anxiety Bracelets.

From the article: ”There are a few specific acupressure points (called meridian points) that the bracelets tend to target: P6 (or pericardium 6 or Nei Guam), P7 (pericardium 7 or Da Ling), and H7 (heart 7 or Shen Men). P6 is often used to help with motion sickness, but it works generally for nausea and upset stomachs, according to UCLA. P7 is associated with insomnia and stress, according to Smarter Healing. And H7 is thought to help with emotional struggles. They’re all located on the underside of your wrist, on or near the crease where your hand meets your arm. “Professional acupressure practitioners say stimulating these points can aid in immediate calmness,” Kanti says.”

Maybe it’s time to think outside of the box

So this is a pretty interesting concept and given the basis is acupuncture its worth investigating. We have an established medical practice that has relieved people for centuries of ailments. It might be the right direction for you to go to relieve your anxiety. The article is pretty short but it does a great job of illuminating what the bracelets do and how they work.

It takes a lifetime to figure out how to make the best life you can. We all have phases in our life, I am not the same individual I was when I was 24 and it’s likely when I am 64 I will be much different than I am now. Perhaps for you at this moment in time acupuncture or these bracelets are away for you to manage your anxiety and push forward for better outcomes.

These are not cost prohibitive in my opinion 20-50 dollars is what some people pay for their prescriptions. I think it’s worth a try and I think an investigation into acupuncture as a whole is worth it. Either way we need to continue our pursuit of getting relief from our anxiety so we can lead the best lives possible. Maybe this bracelet is the item you need to do just that.

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