One thing you can do to improve your anxiety

I know it reads like click bait, it isn’t I promise. I’ve had anxiety for decades. I think the first time I realized it was abnormal or rather it was restricting me socially was when I was 12. I know that’ the age where many people start to feel awkward. For a lot of us it’s also the time when we become the most vulnerable and we develop our anxiety triggers. I remember one of the things I struggled with at the time was clothes.

My parents did their best but we weren’t rich, no we weren’t poor either but I was never going to get the “best dressed” award in the year book. As I aged and grew in to adulthood I found myself dressing very well. I shopped, I tried many things on, I took time and took pride in the clothes I wore and how I looked in them. The 90’s and the 00’s were the last “formal” period we had. You wore suits to work, tie’s, cuffs it was great. Now? You can show up in your pajamas and fit right in lol.

So the one thing you can do to improve your anxiety? Obtain an “Outfit of Awesome”. I know it’s a material remedy and everyone has different means. That said we all wear clothes right? So why not assemble an outfit of clothes YOU feel awesome in. T-shirt, Jeans, boots and sunglasses? Fine. New black suit? Cool.

Oscar Wilde
So, can I wear a fedora?

Point here is you are doing something specific to make yourself feel good about how you look. It’s your outfit of awesome, it’s the clothes you like to wear and the things you feel make you feel awesome. Everything is on the table here, hats, watches, bracelets whatever it is. Put it together, model it in a mirror make sure you look great. Now wear it once a month. Once a month go somewhere with this outfit on. Work, dinner, the mall, a friend’s house doesn’t matter

 Whatever that is for you set aside some of your resources and time to create something that makes you feel awesome. It’s not going to cure your anxiety or stress but it’s going to put you into a more positive mindset when you wear it. I know this isn’t the norm for this blog, but we need to try anything we can to lift ourselves up. Maybe this one small thing will do it for you? I have women in my life who have dresses they love and wear them on special occasions. That occasion they are pretty happy, they feel good, they are positive. Same thing can happen for you regardless of what gender you are.

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3 thoughts on “One thing you can do to improve your anxiety

  1. I would say that wearing your best clothes – using your best cutlery – treating today like its the most important of your life (because it always is) – is a sign of self respect. Absolutely nothing wrong with that in my book – and not something I would call material (provided you don’t feel the need to buy a new outfit everyday). Thanks for sharing – it’s great advice Karac. 🙏

  2. Thank you so much for your continued support of my blog and my blog writing. I really appreciate you coming by and taking your time to post here it really means a lot to me. Take care

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