Reduce Anxiety through home design?

We all live somewhere, and hopefully we are living in a place that is safe and we want to be there. It’s highly likely that you spend most of your time at home, particularly during a pandemic…. Even in normal times (or what used to be normal) we spend a lot of time at home. I know It’s like I am pointing to the sky and saying “he its blue”, yes this paragraph is obvious… lol.

Our homes are a refuge for us, so its paramount that we do what we can to create a situation where we glean the most benefit from our home. Designing your living space doesn’t necessarily mean you have to hire an architect to take out walls etc., it can be as simple as removing excess items to decrease your sensory inputs. I found a good article here that discusses some things you can do.

FROM THE ARTICLE: “One of the most comforting qualities about a home is the lighting,” says Steve Delfino, Vice President of Corporate Marketing and Product Development at Teknion “The ability to balance natural light, room lighting, and ambient lighting to reflect the mood or activity is essential for comfort.  You can do this by layering on or shading natural light, accenting a space with room lighting, or adding ambient lighting and task lighting where needed.”

Lighting is just one of several tips the article gives. Another one that I have used is bring nature into the home via plants. I have plant in every room of my house, but not just any plant. Over the years we have accumulated really cool plants that give us a lot of peace. Some flower, some are very distinct color.

My Purple Passion Plant

For those of us with anxiety it’s a worthy endeavor to work to make our living spaces more conducive to peace and tranquility. Look I’m not a yogi or anything like that, I’m not burning incense either but I am doing what I can to make my space better. I am currently working on decluttering (again) we are getting rid of even more stuff that we have that we simply don’t use.

What are you doing to make your living space better for you?

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