2020 – Blog Review – 2021 The Future

These types of posts are hard to do in the sense that as the author you know that its not going to be informative or relevant for many. Meaning, most people come to your blog because they want to read about a specific issue to them that you covered. Yes many of us have devout readers and I suppose to them its interesting. All that said, I think its important to go over the last year and preview what is to come.

2020 – Notes and Summaries:

  • The blog grew over 400% in views and visitors
  • The blog grew 152% in subscribers
  • The blog had total near 7000 hits.

Now those might not be big numbers for your blog but for mine that’s remarkable growth. It takes a long time to build a community when your blogging. I am not doing this for  commercial reasons, its just my little corner of the web. Yes I do some marketing, Twitter, Minds etc but I am not doing the full push. I don’t plan to, I like the organic growth. 2020 wasn’t a great year, I turned 50, my youngest graduated high school and started college. Its been challenging.

2021 – What to expect

  • There will be no ads or solicitations on this blog
  • I will do more posts on finance
  • I will do more posts on current events

2021 I am hopeful the blog will have a similar growth trajectory. 400% growth in views and visitors year over year is a big ask. I’d like to reach 500+ subscribers though, that would be super cool.

Expanding on 2021 what to expect

  • This isn’t a commercial blog I am not doing this for money so no ads or solicitations for 2021.
  • My most successful posts overall as a category were finance related. I cant ignore that and while this wont be a finance blog, I am interested in that subject and apparently so are some of my readers.
  • Now that the wave of politics is mostly over and covid is winding down, I want to write on current events. (sports, movies, culture).

As always the heart and soul of this blog will be anxiety releated. Not exclusive but the context will always be dealing with anxiety in context. I really appreciate your continued support of my blog. It helps keep me motivated when I see likes, or people comment, and people subscribe. If there is any content you ever want me to post about please reach out to me via the contact page. Last, thank you for those who shared my content, reposted and actively helped me promote the blog I really, really appreciate it.

Onward to 2021.


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