Helping kids with Anxiety

We don’t have to rehash what 2020 was, it was a mess for everyone. Yes, including children. Imagine explaining to a 7-year-old that they can’t see their friends because they might get sick? School? No. Sports? No. Girl Scouts? No. Kids are very resilient often more so then adults, it’s one of the benefits of youth you don’t have enough experience in the world to understand how bad things really are.

I found a good article here That discusses some of the issues for kids that are going through serious issues like cancer treatments. These tools can be used to assuage children during any time of stress. Some of the examples in the article are extreme but in context these toys can help during the pandemic too!

From the article: “We want to create technology with empathy, which can help people who are experiencing really difficult health challenges lead more delightful, joyful lives,” Horowitz says. “We see Sproutel as a small but mighty change agent.”

Social robots aren’t new: For years, kids and adults have befriended dinosaurs, dogs, knights and humanoids with smart features and lifelike movements. Bringing these robots into medicine has real limitations, as they can’t cure cancer or take the sting out of an injection – yet.”

Spending time with your kids is the best anxiety relief.

Again this article is written within the context of serious medical conditions. I am extrapolating out the premise to be something that could be helpful in nearly any anxiety situation for children. The point here is we have MORE tools to help people with anxiety, in this case kids. The toys are actually brilliant because it gives the child an outlet to experience their anxiety with a toy in a similar situation.

One of the examples in the article was a child who had to have shots regularly and was able to practice with their robot toy. How about a toy that can empathize with a child who can’t go to school or see her friends? There are talking toys, we could do that. Maybe I am grasping at straws but one day maybe I will actually get one!

The point is more options for anxiety treatments at any age = a positive outcome.

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2 thoughts on “Helping kids with Anxiety

  1. Great post, it is certainly worrying thinking of how much covid is going to affect young children in the future, concerning mental health. But it is good to think that there are ways to help them 🙂

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