Ancient wisdom from the past?

You know it could be, I don’t know I couldn’t find whom or when the quote occurred but it’s a great line. Here we go:

“The Distance between dreams and reality is called discipline”

What are we saying here? Many of us have dreams and we believe they are unrealistic and yes many of them are. However, there are a lot of things that are obtainable in your life if you just had more discipline. One that comes to mind is weight loss, I used to believe it was impossible but then I used discipline. Discipline provokes you to achievement, achievement helps boost your confidence and your overall well-being.

Dreams don’t have to be distance notions of grandeur. People have said “if you set your mind to it you can do anything” what they are talking about here is discipline. Evoking discipline requires a clear understanding of what is required to achieve the “reality” we want.

A thinner body? Then you know you have to eat less calories then you burn every day. How do you do that? Discipline. Millions of people have used discipline to achieve many of their “dreams”.  Understand what you want, be clear on what is needed to get what you want and evoke the necessary discipline to obtain what is needed.

It may take you a life time, but isn’t living really a pursuit of your dreams anyway?

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