It’s now completely US vs THEM

Government provides and enforces rules that are ideally made to benefit the broader public. There comes a time when the implementation of those rules become punitive and penalize the very citizens it’s supposed to help. There is no shortage of examples of this in history and we are now in the middle of the current iteration. It’s very simple, Covid has become political. It’s no longer about keeping people safe, it’s an ideological fight now.

Simply put, there are vaccinations available for anyone who wants them. It’s reasonable to assume the people who wanted them got them, but it’s not enough. Now we are at the point where many feel it’s imperative to force those who don’t want it to get it or face harsh penalty. No work, no travel, fines on and on.

We have to be honest and examine why? Why are we to the point where it’s not enough for us to feel safe but we have to impose on others to do something? Fear is a great motivator, and so is trying to win and or beat down those whom you don’t agree with. It’s a dangerous slippery slope. Why? Because life is cyclical and the next iteration of this, you may be on the other side.

You better work on getting a thick skin, you’re going to need it.

All those people who were shamed, harmed, penalized for not doing what you think they should you think they are going to forget it? Do you think if they have an opportunity to do to you what you did to them they won’t take it? You’re a fool if you think there aren’t millions of people out there pissed off that government is forcing them to take the poke, and people are going after them aggressively. You’re a fool if you think they won’t remember who said what, who did what.

A vaccine is available, everyone who is eligible should get one. I am no anti vaccier, I got my shots. I don’t however try and go after people who chose not to. I respect the notion of “my body my choice” some, sadly only employ that logic when its convenient. So if you got this far in the post, thank you. One last piece of wisdom here, careful when you are active about how other people should behave. There is no hiding any more, anonymity is an illusion. The world is smaller now, you appear in more places than just your safe small town.

Someday you might be the one whom doesn’t want to comply and those whom you gave no quarter to now? They will come after you, just like you came after them.

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