Wisdom from the past: Proverbs 18:2

From time to time I pull out a quote from history and use it to address a current issue. Today we are looking to our Christian friends for wisdom out of the book of proverbs.

The Selfishness of the Unfriendly
-He who isolates himself pursues selfish desires; he rebels against all sound judgment.-

What can we glean from this? As we travel further and further into an increased technological world, in the midst of a pandemic, some of us with anxiety, isolation is a distinct possibility for many. When we become isolated we begin to think singularly more so then normal. It is a natural state to think of your wellbeing, to think about yourself first. Choosing to isolate yourself leads to the pursuit of thought that focuses exclusively on self.

We decrease our empathy of others when we isolate. We change our thought patterns and judgements to reflect what we need, rather than attempt to understand why others don’t feel the same way we do. It’s okay to think of yourself first, it’s okay to assume your feelings and opinions are correct. The trap we need to avoid as we isolate more and more is to place judgements on others who do not feel as we do.

Regardless of what faith you are, isolation isn’t the answer.

Just because someone feel differently then you or has a different opinion does mean they are a bad person. It doesn’t mean you can’t get along with them, live together in peace. Don’t isolate yourself unnecessarily, and don’t cast judgements on others from your isolation. Do your best to engage with the abilities and skills you have.

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3 thoughts on “Wisdom from the past: Proverbs 18:2

  1. It’s a thought provocating post, but life experience has taught me that isolation is a handy tool, especially if you find yourself in a negative environment.
    It’s a lot easier to find and know yourself in silence, to work out your next move.
    It’s also sometimes easier to observe those you dont understand from afar, because then they aren’t trying to influence you to their prefered narrative.

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