Wisdom from the Past: Psalms 94:19

Once again we are going to harken back to the past to extract wisdom to help us through the present. Today we are going to lean on our Christian friends for some wisdom from the book of psalms. It is a remarkable resource for inspiration, in context. Keeping in mind it is a religious text/doctrine that celebrates god. Now some of my pagan friends would say “You mean A God” right? I’m not entirely sure, I suspect that god has manifested itself in multiple ways to spread the same message but that’s not what this post is about.

It is about faith and how faith can help you in great times of anxiety.

The Psalm – “When anxiety was great within me, your consolation brought me joy.” 94:19

This psalm gives you insight in to the great value religion brings. Faith allows for remarkable outcomes for the spirit as you allow a higher power (real or imagined) to govern how events unfold. For those of us with Anxiety? This is an extremely potent tool. “It is gods will” is a remarkably empowering phrase. It allows you, the believer, to absolve yourself of the negative (or positive) outcome to nearly anything that happens.

Do you believe?

This is the hidden power of faith, now I concede that many who are not believers look at these notions and cringe. It is very simplistic and allows for many to absolve themselves of responsibility of their actions. I get that, this isn’t a post about religion and its value but more of how faith can empower you to overcome negative outcomes in your life.

The choice of faith, or deity is irrelevant really as when something happens in your life and its impactful you can ascribe it to said faith. This doesn’t work for the non-devout, make no mistake you can’t just turn this on tomorrow and expect to have great results. Faith is built through years of practice and being in the life. IF you are a person of faith, perhaps Psalms 94:19 will help you to get through your next bout with anxiety.

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