Nuclear Anxiety – Mutually assured destruction

So the Ukraine war presses on. Within this tragedy are several new fear propositions that government and media will use to drive clicks. Cynical? Maybe a little but we have to be honest here, media and government parlay fear propositions to drive traffic to the narratives they want to push. It’s been this way for years and every “side” does it. Here is a good example

Now I could have used any number of articles from CNN, FOX really any mainstream media. I chose this one because it’s fairly non legacy media but the headline “the petrifying return of nuclear anxiety” is one of the fear propositions coming from this war. Are they right? To a degree yes, there is nuclear war anxiety. From the article:

The New York Times reported on Tuesday that experts are increasingly concerned that the prospect of strategic defeat might lead Vladimir Putin to order the use of a nuclear weapon. A number of dominos would have to fall before that course would be considered, they caution; still, the chances of confrontation between the world’s largest nuclear powers are higher than at any time in more than thirty years.”

I lived through the 80’s and in the early 80’s the rhetoric coming out of Washington was pretty stern. We had anxiety that there might be a war but as my father accurately pointed out my generation (Gen X) and every generation after will be living under the reality of MAD (Mutually assured destruction). You see if you are under 70 years old, you were born with nuclear weapons pointed towards major populations centers near you.

Enough war already

So anxiety is increasing of the potential of a nuclear war. We can’t dismiss that completely, anytime a nuclear power goes to war there is that possibility. In addition to that at any time a mistake can happen. So how do you deal with this? How do you navigate this new anxiety land mine? You simply have to stop consuming the fear proposition.

The real issue here is, they are right. The risk of a nuclear confrontation is present. It’s always present but the chance it might occur is more likely since Russia has invaded Ukraine. That is our reality. As anxiety sufferers we have to accept this and chose to cope as best we can. Get more sun, sleep more, exercise more, engage in all of the practices you normally do to alieve your stress. I have lived through multiple wars (Vietnam, Panama, Grenada, Yugoslavia, Iraq I, Iraq II, Afghanistan) on and on. Not to mention all the small skirmishes along the way.

The war in Ukraine will end, or rather change to a point where it is less volatile. I don’t know what that looks like, if the Russians occupy, withdraw etc. I do know it is topic #1 right now. Your fear drives views and clicks, legacy media is banking on it. Take care of your mental health and do your best here, things will get better.

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