My thoughts on Roe V Wade being over turned.

Roe v Wade has been overturned eliminating federal protections for abortions. To be clear this does not mean abortions are now outlawed in the U.S. On the contrary actually, this ruling allows each state to make their own laws governing the practice unfettered by federal precedent. This means those states who want abortions can make it even easier and conversely the states that don’t want it can outlaw it completely.

As a libertarian I have a very simple political view on abortion: The government should have minimal to no involvement in your health care. It should be exclusively between you and your chosen doctor. If you and your doctor agree that abortion is the way to go for you, you should be able to have the procedure anywhere at any time you chose.

As a person I have a very simple view on life: I believe life begins when the heart beats. I believe that a life dependent on another to survive forces the host to make decisions on the dependents well-being. Simply put, I believe abortion is appropriate up until the baby can survive outside of the womb. After that, I have an issue with take the child’s life via abortion.

Children are a blessing, when you’re ready for them…

As a man my view on abortion: I am not carrying the child so it is not my decision to make. My input and opinion should only be considered if sought. Conversely if it is my child and my opinion is not desired, you cannot then expect me to categorically support you and the child. Simply put, If I create a life with a woman It’s my responsibility at the point of conception. If that woman wants to terminate the pregnancy that would be her decision. If she wanted to carry the child to term and I did not want that, that’s also her decision. However, my involvement, in my opinion, would thus be limited to reasonable financial support.

This is all very clinical, I am hopeful that by over turning this decision the reproductive rights of women will be enhanced but I am not encouraged to be honest. The bottom line is, Roe v Wade wasn’t perfect but it was better than nothing. It shouldn’t have been over turned and while I am loathe to support government oversight into private citizens lives there are exceptions to be made when those oversights provide critical protections.

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