Don’t forget – A small rant (it’s been a while, lol)

Time is an odd thing, it gives you so much perspective its likely why we often wonder what the future will bring. Context is important too, Imagine a moment what the people in 1920 thought about human flight? Did anyone imagine these huge airports etc? This is going to be a short post but it’s important to do these from time to time.

For people with anxiety, the pandemic was horrible. The worst part of it was the shitty people on both sides SCREAMING “do this or else”. If you didn’t, you were evil, a fascist, a socialist, a murderer, a sociopath you name it every name was thrown out there. Do you remember who they were? The people who demanded you have a vaccination or go to jail, the people who said if you trust vaccinations you are an idiot.

They are still out there, but notice they have diminished. Their voices aren’t so loud any more. I suppose that’s what happens when you scream in an echo chamber, the only way to be heard over the other people scream is to SCREAM LOUDER and then you lose your voice. Never forget who those people were, their you tube channels, their blogs, their network shows. Accountability is paramount and your greatest weapon in combating toxic people is your consumption.

Many of those people, on both sides were ready to label you, imprison you, cancel you and in some cases worse. They are still out there, don’t forget them. Offer them no quarter, no respite, no reconciliation, they didn’t and wouldn’t have offered it to you.

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2 thoughts on “Don’t forget – A small rant (it’s been a while, lol)

  1. we live in interesting times. The trick is to not get sweep up in all the hysteria and stay as you are (grounded). Vax / no vaxx -doesn’t matter, just respect their decision.

    1. Here we are removed from the height of Covid hysteria. You are correct, the trick is to stay grounded and to never forget those who went on the offensive against those who tried to remain neutral.

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