How I stay in shape over 50: Spring Jump Start

So March is here. March is an interesting month here in the U.S. I live in the North East and in March, you can have blizzards or 60 degrees and everything in between. Now for me staying in shape over 50 requires nuance, you have to do a little more. For me that means steps. I supplement my training with simple walking. Walking is probably the simplest easiest way to burn calories.

Spring is coming to the west and that means more opportunities to capitalize on warm days. In the spring, I get outside as much as I can. Now “taking steps” does not mean you have to go on formal walks. Go into your yard look at the plants, check out the trees, and see if you can find a 4-leaf clover. All of those things mean steps taken and that is the point here. Winter for many of us is a time where we pull back and do less. “Hibernation” as my kids call it and to a degree that is true. I stay in much more, ya I go to the gym but I do MUCH less activity, probably just like you.

Get out there !

So spring is coming, get out and walk more. I know many of my readers are in the throes of severe anxiety and depression. Winter is a brutal time for many, seasonal disorder is real and many people suffer greatly. For you just go outside, the sunshine alone is going to help. For the fitness people reading, spring is an opportunity to get more active and to increase your motion.

Motion is key when you are over 50. “Motion is Lotion” a trainer once told me. Get out and walk, pick up debris in the yard, start planning a garden. More motion = better metabolic outcomes. The more you move the more calories you will burn, the better you will feel. For me, I live near a very old cemetery. I go for a walk there often, a full loop around the roads is about 2500 steps. Not a lot but it is something, get out there, spring is coming and you can jump-start your fitness.

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