3 Quick Facts about the 80’s

Hey folks, something a lighter today. I “came of age” in the 80’s the greatest decade in U.S. History, LOL. So for my Gen X friends out there, a tip of the hat, for all my other generational friends you’re awesome too, like TOTALY….

  1. In 1985 the average home price was under 100K: Though home ownership has become prohibitively expensive for many Americans, back in the 1980s, getting your hands on a piece of property was a relatively inexpensive proposition. According to Census data, the average cost of a new home in 1985 was just $92,800, or $229,990.61 when adjusted for inflation. In contrast, the average house bought in the U.S. in 2017 cost $398,900.
  2. P.C. became available in 1982 (even then, most people didnt have them until the 90’s): Before the 1980s, with the exception of a few models, computers were largely machines that took up entire rooms and were predominantly used by astronauts, scientists, and government officials. However, by the 1980s, the personal computer was gaining traction in homes around the world, with companies like IBM launching their own mass-market PCs. In fact, in 1982, Time magazine awarded the personal computer its “Machine of the Year” honor—two years before the Apple Macintosh hit shelves.
  3. There was no 24 hours news (Stations in the 80’s still signed off at night with the national anthem): It may seem like we’re constantly inundated by news today, but that wasn’t always the case. In fact, it wasn’t until June 1st, 1981, that media mogul Ted Turner launched the first-ever 24-hour news network. Dubbed Cable News Network (later shortened to CNN), the cable channel was also the country’s first channel to show exclusively news programming.


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