Are you a Gen X? (10 test questions below)

So this blog is “A Gen X Point of View” and at 52 I am right smack in the middle of that generation. Below are 10 questions that will verify you are a Gen Xer (or not) the answers will be provided at the bottom. DON’T CHEAT see how many you get right; you need at least 7 out of 10. Good Luck

  1. How many Red Balloons?
  2. How many Thompson Twins are there?
  3. What year did Princess Diana and Prince Charles get married?
  4. Who was the narrator for the Michael Jackson video “Thriller”?
  5. Who said “Where’s the Beef”?
  6. What kind of car does Marty drive to go back to the future?
  7. Who was Vice President in 1989?
  8. In 1981 who became the first female supreme court justice?
  9. What does “VHS” stand for?
  10. What happened in Ukraine in 1986?


  1. 99
  2. 3
  3. 1981
  4. Vincent Price
  5. Clara Peller
  6. De Lorean
  7. Dan Quayle
  8. Sandra Day O’Connor
  9. Video Home System
  10. The Chernobyl incident

How did you do?

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Am I contagious?

I’m at a loss today.

You know sometimes I run out of things to post. I know bloggers are supposed to NEVER have this problem right? LOL. Believe it or not I write all my posts sometimes the same day, I rarely if ever have posts completed way in advance and ready to go. That’s just how I blog, I see things that interest me and I write about them. The last few weeks I have been very busy at work, along with the normal February crush (3 birthdays including my own + valentine’s day) so I have had a lot to do.

What does that mean for today? It means I don’t have much that’s substantive, lol. Although below are 3 random facts about the 1980’s, the greatest decade of all time, lol.

  • July 29th 1981 – Over 1 Billion people all over the world tuned into the marriage of Princess Diana and Prince Charles. It was broadcast on all the major TV channels, and yes I watched it!
  • In 1984 A loaf of bread was ($.93,) a pound of bacon was ($1.55,) and a dozen eggs was ($.58) you could feed your family breakfast for $4.06. Less than most coffees at Starbucks in 2021
  • In 1988 the world population surpassed 5 billion and many at the time suggested we were at our environmental limits in context of human impact. In 2021 we are now near or over 7 billion.

That’s all I got today, lol. Thanks so much for coming by and supporting my blog I really appreciate it.