5 Tips to being a great husband

I read all over the web about MGTOW, and how marriage rates are down. This post isn’t advocating for marriage, relationships etc., you do you. This post is for the men out there who have already decided to make the commitment to marriage. Yes, it is a legally binding contract, yes a valid argument can be made that marriage has minimal benefits (legally) for men. I’m not going to dispute that or debate it here. I am going to impart to you 5 things you can do to be a great husband.

  1. Fix things: I know this sounds ridiculous and or perhaps antiquated. That said if there is something around the house (A loose door knob, a squeaky door) fix it. Not handy? No problem, You Tube is full of how to videos. I just replaced the toilet in my house, I followed a you tube vid worked out well. Your spouse will love this and the most important factor to this tip being successful is you taking the initiative to do it, not being asked.
  2. Conduct yourself honorably: I know another antiquated notion. Here’s the thing, you got the girl but why? Let me guess you think it’s your magic penis right? It isn’t (most likely) it’s more likely you got the girl because of your ethics and moral compass. Women are like men in this sense, they love physical attraction. Unlike men, women use other metrics to gauge if you are a compatible long term partner. Your ethics and morals are paramount because what she will see is how you model each to others and specifically children. There is no greater “hook” for a long term relationship with a woman then to confirm to her you will be an excellent role model for your children.
  3. Respect: This should go without saying but what does it mean really? This goes for anyone really but respect, once earned, should be freely given. Simply put, your contributions to a household are no more important (or less) then your spouses. You may value things differently, but you have to respect each other’s values and contributions equally. As an example, if the house is dusty and you don’t really care but your wife does dismissal is a nonstarter. I’m not saying jump up and dust but devaluing what is important to others or trying to one up it, begins the long road of resentment and that leads to all sorts of bad outcomes.
  4. You have to clean: I know this is a horrible revelation. I hate cleaning, I truly do but you want to be a great husband? You’ll clean. I don’t mean you exclusively, I’m not talking about a maid service but you do have to wipe counters, you do have to sweep the floor, you do have to clean the toilet. Every time? No of course not. Regularly? Yes. A house is like a small business and everyone has a role to play. Maybe your role is yard work, okay fine but cleanliness is critical and you have to do it. Don’t be taken advantage of here, but engage more and just do it.
  5. Maintain great hygiene: This is probably the one on the list that seems the most ridiculous. Do you remember before you got married the hygiene regimen you went through? I bet you’re not doing that now are you? That doesn’t mean bathe in cologne every morning but it does mean hands clean, teeth cleaned regularly, keeping the bush trimmed, nose hairs clean, hair cut fresh, clothes changed daily and laundered. I know all this sounds ridiculous but let me tell you something…. You maintain a robust hygiene regimen and women will notice you. Your wife will not only notice so wont her friends and your female relatives. I can’t tell you how impactful, putting forth effort to looking good will have in your life and relationships, yes even 20+ years in.

None of these are full proof. None of these may work at all or one of them might make all the difference in the world. Your spouse should be putting forth effort as well and as you start to work on yourself and these items you will see clearly if that effort is there. You should talk about it, work on it but never accuse or assail… You take care of your poop first and things often have a way of going in a positive direction.

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