For our stressed-out friends in the UK

So, anxiety appears in every corner of the earth, all peoples. To what degree and how it manifests itself is often unique culturally. As we explored in another blog post I did here UK moms are stressed out. Our friends in the UK are also dealing with one of if not thee most divisive issue in their society since WWII, Brexit.

If you live in a western culture, chances are you have access to resources that can help you through lives challenges. More and more we are seeing governments and societies recognize the debilitating impact that stress and anxiety has in its citizens. In my travels around the web I found a great website here

This is an excellent resource and means to get assistance for our friends in the UK. From the website:

Anxiety UK is a national registered charity (number 1113403) (company number 5551121) formed in 1970 by someone living with agoraphobia for those affected by anxiety disorders. Today we are still a user-led organization, run by people with experience of living with anxiety, stress or anxiety-based depression, supported by a high-profile medical advisory panel.

We work to relieve and support those living with anxiety and anxiety-based depression by providing information, support and understanding via an extensive range of services, including 1:1 therapy. We work regularly with external agencies and healthcare professionals to improve services for those living with anxiety and anxiety-based depression and campaign to raise awareness of the conditions.

I clicked through the site and it appears to have a very robust offering of resources for UK citizens. As someone living with anxiety myself, one of the most challenging things you face is determining at what point do you, if at all, reach out for outside help. Not everyone is in need of services outside of their immediate family. As a matter of fact, most people don’t seek help at all.

It’s okay to need help in your life, it’s okay to use resources available to you. Take advantage of help if its offered, there is no shame in it. If you are healthy, you are productive and leading a good life. If that becomes your new normal, you might be in a position someday to offer someone help who is just like you used to be.

Remember, one day at a time, you’re doing great. You can do this !

Just Vote

Brexit – A quick note on politics

I follow the news like most people, maybe a little more than most but one of the biggest international stories of the last decade has been Brexit. This was a vote held in the UK to decide if the UK would leave the European Union. The English voted to leave, but the resulting political farce is a great snap shot of what is wrong with politics today in western society. The long and short of it is the two major parties in the UK have been unable to work together to find a compromise deal that benefits the voters.

This is what’s happening all over western culture right now, people are so entrenched into their position they have no willingness at all to work with people who don’t share exactly the same ideology. Meantime voters/citizens go about their business and try and live a normal life. So what’s the point of having a vote if the politicians will not work together to make it happen? Your elected officials help formulate laws that are supposed to govern us to produce good outcomes for EVERYONE.

Not just people who adhere to their political ideology but everyone. We see this partisan ship in so many facets of life now we have become divided and vitriolic. There are serious issues that we need to tackle collectively. Mental Health, Global Warming, Disease…. The list goes on and on. However we have politicians worried more about scoring political points with their group rather than compromising on policy to enact law that will benefit the majority.

Nothing illustrates this more than Brexit. This is going on years now, where citizens voted in the majority to leave the European Union. Granted no specifics were given in the mandate, that was up to the government to negotiate, which for the last two years they have not been able to do. The result of this failure is both major parties in the UK are losing support ahead of new European elections and they are panicking.

We have a similar situation here in the U.S., our politicians are still in “gotcha” mode with no end in sight to the sniping back and forth. Unlike the UK we don’t have viable third party options by which we could throw our support behind to send the clear message we are unhappy. This two party system we are trapped in has perpetuated the “us vs them” with no end in sight. I am watching the UK closely in the news to see how it pans out. I think it will be a very good exercise in democracy to see how the major parties, when they choose not to enact the will of the people pay at the polls.

Here is a decent article I recently came across about the potential impact to the major parties in the UK. Politicians are elected by the people to represent the peoples interest. It’s time we all examined what we want and who is best to help us achieve it. Being locked into a political ideology is harming us as a whole. We have serious issues that need collective agreement to tackle, and we are trapped in the is cycle with no end in sight. Perhaps Brexit will be the issue that puts all western voters on notice, it’s time to look beyond “conservative/liberal/democrat/republican” and seek out alternatives.