Beyond the Trees

Blog & life update

First let me say thank you, thank you for supporting my blog I really appreciate it. The last few months have been a whirlwind of shit, ending in a wonderful outcome. I don’t normally use vulgarity in my posts but its appropriate here to illustrate the negativity. Since Xmas work has been straight out a shit show. I am a senior finance professional I have seen my share of poop in my career. Its run the whole gambit here over the last few months.

Sickness, people quitting, anger, blow outs… Look I’m not going to go over all the specifics but needless to say around the middle of January I asked my self a very important question “Do I need this crap?” The answer was no, and I don’t say that lightly. Jobs like mine you simply can’t replace with ease. I make a good income, I am on a management team, those jobs don’t grow on trees.

Now I earned this role, I’ve got the degree’s and the years in the trenches, but I’ve had enough of these people and its time to move on. AS someone who has worked in finance for 30 years, I’ve been able to cultivate a good network. While I did say above jobs like mine don’t grow on trees, I have a professional tree I have grown that has enabled me to get another job faster than I anticipated.

The economy is good, companies are hiring at least in my world. So, on 3.2.20 I start a new job with someone I have worked with in the past. It’s a good gig and I will be make more money with corporate earnings bonuses. This is good news for me and my family, as I approach the last full decade of work the more money, I can bank now the better.

The blog will not change much. I will still be postings 3 times a week but the day in which the post actually gets up might be different. I have maintained a mon -wed-fri posting schedule but I think this may change to tues-thurs-sat. Or I have to change the time in which I post. I normally post in the AM US time. I will keep an eye on the statistics and see what new schedule works best. I am committed to the blog and the work I am doing here, its important for me and I think it helps others. I do have to focus on this new role as well, so I will be working on balance going forward.

Thank again for all your support – 2020 is shaping up to be a great year.