Vaccine Anxiety

So the next phase is upon us, a vaccine. Its great news for millions of vulnerable people who are susceptible to covid and its complications. It’s also great news for those who chose to live in fear for the last near year. I am not trying to minimalize the impact of covid but to say that it’s been driven by fear I don’t think is going too far out on a limb. People are free to believe whatever they want, I encourage people to question conventional narratives. I don’t think it’s ever prudent to follow blindly, I believe strongly you should always trust your instinct. My instinct? I don’t trust government and I certainly don’t trust the media.

What about you? I concede fully just because I feel a certain way that doesn’t mean I am necessarily right. Or more accurately what is good for me might not be good for you. I’m cool with that, lets meet in the middle. So we are at the great spot in this pandemic where we have a vaccine. Yes, it’s because of the government push that we are here, Trumps government to be specific. Presidents rightfully or wrongly get credit when things are good and things are bad.

I know you probably don’t want to hear that, it’s just like my conservative friends don’t want to hear that Obama is largely responsible for the U.S. increasing energy independence. I am getting side tracked here though…. So a vaccine is here, produced in record time and approved in an equally speedy way. Can you trust it? Can you trust a process funded and pushed by a government you might not believe in and a process expedited that normally takes years?

Am I contagious?
Answer = I don’t know.

How anticlimactic I know. We don’t really know what side effects (if any) might occur with this vaccine. Will we be required to take it? How will this requirement be enforced? Where will you fall in to the line of recipients? There are still a lot of unknowns and that can drive anxiety through the roof. I know some people have been feeding on the fear and anxiety for months now. Logging on every day to get their hour by hour update on covid cases, sanitizing their hands because they touched a key board that brought them to a site that discussed covid (I know its hyperbolic, forgive me….)

You are going to be fine, you will survive this and in time, if you want a vaccine you will be able to get it. It’s likely that annually you will be getting this vaccine now. Hang in there, even if you have been consumed with fear over covid, anger at others for not taking it as seriously as you do, relief is on the horizon. This should be a time for you to reflect on what you want the next 6 months of your life to look like. How will you personally come back from the covid crisis? Will this be a battle cry for you? Maybe you will start a blog about some aspect of your experience?

The vaccine is here, don’t succumb to more fear and anxiety about its availability or how many people can get it when. You can’t control that yet, and in time it will be widely available and you will be able to get it if you chose. You’ll then be in a great position to take up the banner for the next fight, should it be mandatory or not? Rest up, the covid wars aren’t over yet. The business of fear is to profitable.

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Finance advice: How to make a crisis into a nuisance

From time to time we do finance pieces on this blog. The finance industry has used fear and complexity to increase its income generation. Simply put, personal finance has been made more complex to ensure finance professionals can make money. Is managing money easy? No, however it’s not very hard either. You do not need an economics degree or financial advisor to ensure you have good financials outcomes.

One thing we all deal with is unexpected money issues. Your car breaks down, your pet needs an operation, your child need dental work, on and on. If you are not prepared for these they can become crises, and if you have anxiety it can be crippling. For those of us with anxiety managing our finances is tough enough, unplanned events? That’s a killer. In my post here I give you the single most important thing you can do to convert a crisis into a nuisance.

Wild Fire
Prepare for Crisis, you never know when it will happen.

Yes, it’s called an emergency fund. I know it sounds too simple doesn’t it? No financial advisor needed, no complex matrix of asset ratios, how many bonds to equities on and on. You need 3-6 months of your normal monthly expenses available to you in cash within 1-3 days. It can be under your mattress, in a safe, in a money market account, where ever you feel most comfortable.

I know I have covered this before but it’s such an important concept it bears repeating. You have to be disciplined and not use this money unless it is an emergency. If you can do this and stick with it, even if its $1,000 you can avert a crisis. Most of us are not wealthy, many of us have a lot of debt. Whatever your personal situation is, your number 1 financial goal as a person with Anxiety should be to have an emergency fund.

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