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U.S. Holiday – Labor Day.

Yes, we have another holiday in the U.S. Labor day. First let me say that the reason I do these holiday posts on the blog is I get a lot of traffic from people outside the U.S> (thank you for that!). Labor day in the U.S., for the population is the unofficial end of the summer. In the past it used to mean back to school too but that has changed a lot most kids are back by the end of august. Additionally, Labor day is the beginning of the unofficial “Holiday season” meaning in the U.S. we have a major holiday every month from now until the end of the year. All of those holidays of course have major sales associated with them.

How did Labor Day come to be? During the industrial period of the U.S. unions began to form and wield more and more power. In the 1880’s – 90’s they started to create the narrative of the value of labor and how the workers of the country should be celebrated. From there it took off and became more political but the heart of the holiday is the celebration of the American worker. It is celebrated on the 1st Monday of Sept and became a federal holiday in 1894. So gov offices are closed, courts, post offices, banks, schools and most Americans have the day off from work or those that do work get paid above and beyond their normal rate.

The wiki page here    has a very good summary of the holiday, far more detail then I have. This is not the same as international workers’ day or in many countries May Day. While they generally represent the same premise and spirit they are all distinct from one another in both origin and date of celebration.

Most Americans will have this day off and will have a small party at their homes. It will likely be a BBQ and in most of the country we will still have summer weather. However, Sept is a transitional month, in many parts of the U.S. Sept can start off very hot and by the end of the month we have cooled into day time highs of 60F. Notable for Labor Day, as mentioned above, is the start of the “holiday season”. Specifically, Labor day is usually the best time of the year to get a sale on a car because the dealers are prepping to receive the next model year and want to clear out their inventories.

As this is posted I have the day off as well and I am working in my yard today cleaning up a flower bed. I hope you have a great labor day too where ever you are.

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Get outside !

In Northern NE Today

Hi Folk’s – I am traveling today on a day off. I am in Northern New England looking at leaves, visiting a farm, do fall things. I love New England in the Fall it is one of the best places to be in October. So there isnt a formal post today just enjoying the day off.

You should plan something similar soon where you live, life is short GO OUTSIDE!

Somewhere north of Concord….

Your Pagan friend,


Saturday Quick Post

Hello readers !

It’s fall in my world and its a glorious day out today! As you may or may not know I get up at between 4:30 AM and 6:00 AM. I know that’s REALLY early but i get a lot done in the morning, it serves me well.

So I got some time today to get outside, I live in a pretty rural area in the New England Region, U.S.A. Many of my readers aren’t from the U.S. here is a map of that region.

I am located, somewhere in the middle 🙂

So it’s fall and its spectacular. On my walk I got this photo.

Look at the reflection…

I hope your morning was as good as mine !

Get outside !

It’s the Fall, what season are you in?

First autumn morning
the mirror I stare into
shows my father’s face. – Murakami Kijo 1865–1938

Time has been kind to me, I have had many triumphs in my life. I have also had profound sorrows, but here I stand, whole. I am older now, I am staring at my 50th birthday soon. I think back to when I was younger, have I done everything I wanted? No. Have I done wonderful things? Yes.

It’s fall and I haven’t shaved in a while, I have a lot of grey hair. I ache now, nothing harmful or prohibitive but I do. Something needed to be moved this weekend, it was heavy, I would normally do it no problem. My wife had my son and his friend do it. “Your father doesn’t need to do this. You’re young and you need to do these things so your dad doesn’t have too. please take care of it” I heard her whisper to my son when she thought I wasn’t listening.

I am older now, I am wiser, in the seasons of my life I am in my fall. I am not decrepit, I am not too old, I am aging, I am no longer young…

I am at peace with this, it is a good spot to be in. I might let my beard grow, it makes me look older than I am.

Just like the poem, I look in the mirror and I see my father’s face.

I’m happy, I love the fall….