Surviving 2020 & covid

You can’t have your cake and eat it too.

The current climate online has become more toxic than ever and I have been here since the beginning. I wanted to give you an example of an experience I witnessed a few days ago in a reddit thread. You see when you become a complete hypocrite you really only have one avenue in which to survive and that is to be extremely nasty to anyone who challenges your hypocrisy. In the end the only person harmed is you as people stop listening and dismiss your point of view completely.

I was not a participant in this back and forth but I witnessed a dog piling on someone. They asked a pro-choice (abortion) person who was pontificating about how people should be jailed for not getting the covid vaccine, how they can support “my body, my choice” in one instance and in another demand incarceration for someone advocating the same principal in another.

The responses were fascinating, it was one of the more vitriolic and sad exchanges I have seen in a long time. Essentially it boiled down to feelings, that the correlation between the two was irrelevant because of said feelings. It didn’t seem to matter how the other person (and persons, others came to the defense) felt. It was, you get the vaccine or you are a “racist, fascist, sexist” there were a few more labels thrown out it was surreal.

I’ve already left Twitter, is Reddit next?

First, anyone who calls you or anyone else a fascist likely has no idea what fascism really is. Second, this is a yes or no answer. It’s very simple, if you believe in liberty and people’s rights to do with their body whatever they want then you can’t have it both ways. As an example, I believe a woman has the right to decide what happens to her body, so abortion is fine if that is her choice. She also has the right to decide if she wants that vaccine or not by that same logic.

I read the thread a few times and then realized many of these key board warriors are typing these things under the illusion of anonymity provided by the internet. It was still both sad and fascinating to read. Maybe you, dear reader, are one of these key board warriors? Maybe you are a blatant hypocrite in this vein? I don’t know you or how you feel but I would say to you that, canceling or “jailing” someone for not agree to do what you think they should is a slippery slope, its actually fascistic… And it is all abstract until YOU are in the next group who may run afoul of the next popular theory.

Try to be kinder to be people, less hostile and if you believe someone is putting you at risk remove yourself from their ability to do so rather than attempt to silence them and shout them down. They will be quiet sure, but they will seethe and loathe you quietly. The last thing you want in life is people waiting for your weakest moment to exact some kind of revenge. It’s not worth it, your energy is better spent working on things you care about.

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The louder you shout, the less I hear ( a quick, semi poetic rant)

You can scream and shout all you want, I’m not listening to you anymore. I am entitled to think whatever I want, I am entitled to feel how I want. You are not entitled to scream at me for what I think or how I feel. You lost me this time, this time I am truly done with you.

I used to care how you felt, I used to work to be considerate and accommodating, no longer. You’ve spent years now shouting at me. I am not a racist, I am not a soy boy, I am not a fascist, I am not a deplorable, I am not anti-gay, I am not against women, I am not a socialist, I am not a bleeding heart democrat, I am not a bible thumping republican.

I’m just me. I live as best I can. I try and do the right thing. We don’t agree on a lot but I don’t hate you. We disagree on how things should go, but I’m not going to yell at you because you won’t agree with me. You must be exhausted, you must be so filled with hurt and anger that you don’t care anymore. I’ve tried to understand your need to yell at everyone and everything that doesn’t agree with you.

I’m done, I’m moving on. You have one less person to shout at. I was always on your side too, I was always rooting for you. I admired you, I thought you were someone to emulate. A person of conviction, a true believer, but you changed. You became angry, mean, destructive, and toxic. I understood you were frustrated, but you just kept shouting. I couldn’t hear myself think.

You’ve gone too far down the road to turn back. Your words live forever, no amount of sorry can erase them. Years from now when you wonder why there are less people around you, and the ones that are just nod and say “yes” and provide nothing more, maybe you will remember this post. Maybe then you will see, the most valued friends are not the one who tell you want you want to hear, but rather tell you what you NEED to hear. I tried, you wouldn’t listen, you just shouted at me.

The louder you shout, the less I hear. Now I will listen no more.  

Are you tired of being shouted at? Share this with them and anyone else you think might want to end the shouting. It’s okay to disagree, and it’s okay to stand up for yourself.