Anxiety is natural, until it becomes unnatural

I know the title isn’t great but I saw this article and I thought it was presented well albeit pretty simplistic. Meaning that those of us dealing with Anxiety issues know when it becomes an unnatural state. Its instinctual and while we all have various degrees of states of mind when you are consumed by a feeling that is an unnatural state. You may not have the tools to identify the degree’s, perhaps you are like this all the time.

The quote below from the article here is stated obviously but sometimes we need simple reminders.

Feeling apprehensive about something stressful—even a good thing, like a promotion or wedding—is a sign that your inherent survival mechanism is working as expected. “Some anxiety is helpful and necessary to motivate us to act; for example, if you need to start an assignment that is due tomorrow or if you are in the woods and see a bear,” Holly Valerio, M.D., clinical assistant professor of psychiatry at the Center for the Treatment and Study of Anxiety in the University of Pennsylvania Perelman School of Medicine, tells SELF.

Surviving 2020 & covid
One Day at a time.

A degree of anxiety IS NORMAL. You shouldn’t rely on others to justify how you feel but I’m not going to lie it is nice to see others say it from time to time. The article is a good read for people who are on the cusp, meaning those of us out there who aren’t sure if their anxiety levels are normal or not. Again to be clear, what’s normal for me might not be normal for you. So you are traveling to a new city and you need to drive to a location? Yes you should be anxious that would be a normal response.

When you get home and you have to drive somewhere on roads you have traveled hundreds of times should you be anxious? Maybe, but it’s a matter of degree, do you feel the same way you did when you traveled to the new city? If you do you should really take a few minutes and ask yourself why.

Anxiety is natural, your body is functioning correctly when you are in an unfamiliar situation and you feel anxious about what might happen. When these kinds of feelings begin to evade your everyday functions you need to be honest with yourself and identify why this might be happening. There often isn’t one singular event that we can track back to that was the trigger for anxiety. Most of us have anxiety from a cumulative effect of multiple events over time.

Your trigger isn’t my trigger, and your trigger doesn’t have a time stamp. What you did today might trigger you tomorrow and so on. Having a disorder does require a medical diagnosis. A blogger can’t tell you if you do or do not have one, I can only share with you my journey and what I am finding along the way. Your journey is unique to you but if you find more and more that anxiety is creeping into your life see a professional and get ahead of the problem.

Remember Anxiety affects millions of people, you are not alone.

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Philippine diocese creates mental health ‘hopeline’

Hello to all my friends in the Philippines! Yes I see you, I know a large % of my audience is from the Philippines! Came across an article on how the church is working to help people effected by mental health issues. Again, more services, regardless of source is a net positive for those suffering from mental health issues. You can find a link to the article here.

From the article: “Covid Hopeline” is phone-in counselling service of the Diocese of Kalookan in Metro Manila.  Its team of mental health experts and priests provides psychological and moral support to those suffering anxiety and stress due to the Covid-19 pandemic and the lockdown. 

“We launched our own ‘Hopeline’ so that we’ll be able to help our people in the diocese when they need the guidance of a priest or a psychiatrist,” Bishop Pablo Virgilio David of Kalookan told Church-run Radio Veritas.”

Regardless of your religion, help is out there if you need it.

Now as many of you know I am not Christian. That said I support any and all institutions that support mental health issues. Everyone is affected by the pandemic, those of us with mental health issues this can be hell as we are already prone to anxiety attacks. Having hotline and support networks are extremely helpful. Of course we have to be mindful of cultural differences as well.

I am not going to profess to be an expert in south East Asia or its social dynamics but in an ideal world friends and family in all cultures can recognize issues with people they care about and encourage them to get help. This blog is an example, anyone can view it who has internet access. Maybe it helps? Maybe you are in the Philippines or Kazakhstan?

Point here is take advantage of the resources available to you. The goal is more than just getting through the day it’s to learn how to live with anxiety and have the best life you can. Maybe this hope line can help you? Maybe you know someone with issues that could use the help? Everyone’s situation is different but if you are reading this then you are somewhere in the mental health sphere, take the next step and use the resources or tell someone you know about it.

Covid 19 will pass, something else will come up. You or someone you know will likely always be in the midst of war with anxiety and mental health issues. Fight back, you can win. You are doing awesome, one day at a time.

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The Brandon Act: Service members might get much needed mental health help

The Brandon act has its origins in a very sad event. It’s named for a U.S. Navy Sailor who died by suicide in 2018 due to bullying and harassment by his supervisors. Now anyone who has been in the military can tell you there are degrees of bullying in the military. Some of it is necessary honestly, there are only so many ways you can motivate people and anyone who has had a drill sgt screaming in their face can relate.

The difference is when it’s a long term and targeted it can have an incredibly demoralizing effect, as this sailor found out. The article giving a summary of the new act can be found here.

From the article: “The Brandon Act would provide troops a path to confidentially requesting a mental health evaluation and treatment without command notification, similar to an option available to troops for reporting sexual assaults without launching a formal investigation, known as a restricted report.

Under the proposal, service members would be able to use a safe word or term while seeking an evaluation or treatment that would guarantee confidentiality.”

Soldiers have been “under stress” for centuries. It’s high time we did more for them.

This is great news. Having the ability to navigate a situation like this outside of the chain of command empowers the soldier to take initiative to address their personal health situation. It’s not enough that military life is stressful but the stigmas attached to military service can be crippling. You are supposed to be strong, self-sufficient, tough… you get the picture.

Any additional services, regardless of venue, that provide mental health help for people is a good thing. The fact that this proposal is lingering in congress now means that law makers are aware of mental health issues, in context at least. That’s where the money and the power in the U.S. lies, so any appropriations of resources that help people with mental health issues is a positive.

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