Beyond the Trees

Middle of the week grind

One thing I will say about the Covid Crisis is since I have been working from home I have had a lot of opportunities to get outside. Not going to be a long post today but what I will say is if you can go somewhere and see something new if possible. As individuals with Anxiety 2020 has been one hell of a year. For me I’m hanging in there pretty well, I hope you are well. Today I’m heading to the spot below.

I’ve visited here before it’s about 8 miles from my house. I live somewhere in the middle of New England and I have all sorts of parks near me which is great. Getting outside and getting away from screens is like an expresso shot for your soul. Ya I love being online, not going to lie about that. However being online nearly 24/7 can be draining. It’s a constant stream of negativity it’s like everyone is at each other’s throats.

So I’m taking a quick break and going outside today, see if I can find a waterfall and let the noise of dropping water consume me. I find it pretty relaxing, minimally it’s all I can think about as it’s pretty loud, LOL. Is your anxiety flaring up today? Go back to nature you won’t regret it!

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