Beyond the Trees

Your one thing

Have you done it yet? Have you figured out what makes you happy? I don’t mean the standard “family, kids, my home” everyone says that. I mean you, what makes you happy? Is it miniature golf? Do you collect old pocket watches? Do you wear 1950’s clothing?

Something outside of the norm makes you happy. Me? I like to game. I know “he’s a 50-year-old gamer, GG boomer” I’ve heard it all. Yet, I have been gaming since 1983, longer than most gamers have been alive. Is it a waste of time? Not for me. Is it a silly hobby? Not for me. See I have something outside the norm that makes me happy. I know what it is, I am comfortable with it and most importantly I make time for it.

It’s time to go out on a limb and find your one thing.

How about you? What’s your one odd thing? The time is now, stop screwing around attempting to measure up to whatever the societal norm is today. Everyone has that one thing they think is cool that they keep within themselves and don’t reveal to others. It’s time to let it out and start investing time into it.

No one else is going to come along and do this for you. You have to be honest with yourself, no matter what this “thing” is. Maybe it’s a kink? Maybe it’s wearing horrible shoes? Stop hiding, let yourself out. Let yourself have fun, let yourself do that one thing more. Some examples:

  1. A coworker of mine breeds snakes
  2. My niece every year plays a character at a medieval renaissance fair
  3. My wife does stain glass
  4. My friend Shane collects Wrestling Memorabilia
  5. The football coach in my town is part of a Mazda Miata owners club

Time is slipping away, what’s your one thing?

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How to move mountains

It’s time for another post on time

Every once in a while I do a post on the most valuable commodity on the planet, time. It’s the one equalizing factor in life. It doesn’t care about your gender, age, sexuality, ethnicity, time goes on regardless. How you spend your time is critical to the quality of your life. No one knows when their time is up, we could pass tomorrow or live to 100.

So a quote: “Time you enjoy wasting is not wasted time.” From the book “Phrynette Married” by Marthe Troly-Curtin.

“Wasting time” as a concept is extremely subjective. It is imperative that we take stock of what is valuable to us. As an example I am a gamer that is my hobby, it has been since 1983 (yes im ancient). Some believe it’s a waste of time.

Only you can decide what is of value for your time. Remember life is very short and if you are trying to spend your time adhering to someone else’s value of time you are truly wasting it. Remember what you like to do is okay, maybe you knit? Maybe you’re a cyclists, maybe you hunt, maybe you game…

The point here is, and why this quote is so potent is if you are enjoying the activity even if you or someone else thinks it’s a waste, it isn’t. You have to maximize the time you have, even if you are “wasting it” something can come along tomorrow, like a pandemic, and change everything for you. So if you get some time to engage in an activity you enjoy today, don’t let anyone tell you you are wasting your time.

You are doing awesome, one day at a time.

Get outside !

It’s the Fall, what season are you in?

First autumn morning
the mirror I stare into
shows my father’s face. – Murakami Kijo 1865–1938

Time has been kind to me, I have had many triumphs in my life. I have also had profound sorrows, but here I stand, whole. I am older now, I am staring at my 50th birthday soon. I think back to when I was younger, have I done everything I wanted? No. Have I done wonderful things? Yes.

It’s fall and I haven’t shaved in a while, I have a lot of grey hair. I ache now, nothing harmful or prohibitive but I do. Something needed to be moved this weekend, it was heavy, I would normally do it no problem. My wife had my son and his friend do it. “Your father doesn’t need to do this. You’re young and you need to do these things so your dad doesn’t have too. please take care of it” I heard her whisper to my son when she thought I wasn’t listening.

I am older now, I am wiser, in the seasons of my life I am in my fall. I am not decrepit, I am not too old, I am aging, I am no longer young…

I am at peace with this, it is a good spot to be in. I might let my beard grow, it makes me look older than I am.

Just like the poem, I look in the mirror and I see my father’s face.

I’m happy, I love the fall….