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3 ways to improve as a man

It’s time to circle back to this subject again. From time to time on this blog I give advice for men. At 51 I’ve lived a little and seen a lot. I am no expert, just because I think something is a good idea doesn’t mean it is, lol. You should always be careful on whom you take advice from. There are experts in everything all over the place, if you have read this blog before you know what to expect. There are many ways you can improve as a man, often these pieces of advice are written by females.

You see it all over the web, female bloggers, influencers, you tubers telling you, as a man how to improve. This isn’t a MGTOW post or an anti-female post but let’s be real here, if you are a young man you want someone who’s lived a similar life to give you advice. Here we go.

Time for a hair cut captain caveman…
  1. Work harder when you are younger: Men peak in their 30’s to 40’s, you have your education complete you have a career path, you have an economic plan for yourself. If you aren’t in this space by 33 you have an issue. Through your 20’s you can party if you want but hard work during this decade (20’s) means financial prosperity in your 30’s-40’s. Get your education squared away (degree’s, certifications) have an emergency fund, have some retirement savings with a plan to increase it in the future.
  2. Always be clear with your lovers: I don’t care what your sexuality is, this advice works all ways but is phrased for a heterosexual because that is what I relate to. It’s okay to be a player but expect to be played. I’m not going to sit here and tell you “do X, and you will get Y” when it comes to women. There is no magic formula that works with all females. One absolute though is being clear about your intentions. Hooking up is fine as long as its consensual. It’s not cool if you’re hooking up knowing that she wants more and you don’t. Sure it will be fun for a while, until someone does it to you. Be clear, be respectful, be confident. Don’t allow anyone to tell you what you should be doing “you know people who have dated as long as we have normally get engaged”. If you aren’t ready for engagement or don’t want it, you need to tell her.
  3. Hygiene for life: Personal hygiene is something everyone knows about but at different stages we can have gaps. In your 20’s you probably aren’t doing a lot for your face, your 40-50-year-old self is going to be pissed but at 22 you probably don’t care. Clean and groomed facial and pubic hair (yes clean It up). Exfoliate your face and use a moisturizer. Good teeth routine, at least twice a day brush, floss, mouth wash. Twice a year you go to the dentist. Clean your ass crack, clean your belly button, wash between your toes, clip your nails. I know all this stuff sounds like your “dad” is talking to you. Hygiene is a secret weapon of attraction; women love cleanliness don’t dip on any of it.

Some of these are common sense, but the key here is you have to start as young as possible to develop these habits. “a better man” doesn’t mean you are going to be a star but it does mean people will take you more seriously. Job interviewers, people who work retail, romantic prospects, elderly, on and on and on. Keep working on improving, keep trying to ace the little things. “I don’t want to clip my nails though, that seems stupid” fine go get a pedicure then.

The point here is details, details, details gentlemen. As an older guy I have been paying attention to them for years now and it pays off. 30 years from now when you’re the 50-year-old (or sooner) you’ll be thought of more highly; dare I say admired? A man who starts young and improves himself, treats others with the gift of honesty, and has great hygiene habits is someone others want to be around, that should be you.

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