Anxiety and your heart

One of if not the most important thing in your life is your health. Now of course that sounds like a meme now, we’ve heard it so many times that many of us have become numb to it (kind of like politics 🙂 ). It’s something that you shouldn’t let invade you constantly, meaning you shouldn’t be worried nonstop about your health but you should spend time doing and thinking about what you can do to be healthier.

As this blog evolves I find more and more that it Anxiety is the theme, or rather how things directly and indirectly impact anxiety. Anxiety itself is more than an emotional response or “feeling” to something happening, there is a physical component, that over time can have a dramatic impact on our health. I found an interesting article about anxiety and how it affects high blood pressure

“When a person’s anxiety levels are elevated for long periods of time, the resulting nervous system activity could raise blood pressure and promote arterial disease, the authors of that review write. But a lot of the evidence they turned up was inconsistent or inconclusive, they point out. Some contradictory research has even found that anxiety is associated with a slightly lower risk of hypertension.”

Love your Heart !

I know its contradictory isn’t it? The article seems to slant more towards the notion that the more you worry the more you place your heart at risk via your blood pressure. I know when I get anxious I can “feel it” If you have anxiety you know exactly what I mean. Do I get chest pains, no I don’t but I can feel my body tensing I sometimes get headaches, I get angry I know my blood pressure is rising.

Then there are bouts of anxiety where I just want to lay in bed and never get out. The heart risk is particularly noteworthy for people who already struggle with weight or have preexisting conditions. If your anxiety is to the point where you “feel it” in your chest or you start to feel light headed you really should speak to a dr about it as soon as you can .

In the meantime if something like this happens to you please do this one thing. Close your eyes and take as deep and long a breath as you can in through your nose and out through your mouth. Do this five times. I know it’s simply, some might say silly but that 15 seconds might make a world a difference.

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Blast from the Past:How a .99c notebook helps me with anxiety

I usually do Mon-Wed-Fri postings. From time to time its nice to change it up. Here is a re-post of a post I did from last year. Thanks again for all your support I really appreciate it ! Karac


It’s listed as .99c but with tax well it’s a little over a dollar. I often splurge and get the 2.99 version (thanks Walmart!). I take notes almost every day. Not the type of notes you would take during a college lecture but when something occurs to me “crap I am at a quarter tank of gas, I need gas soon” I try and jot down a quick note. I know this seems manic to a degree but hear me out.

First you don’t have to get the notebook, you use the notes app on your I-phone. More importantly the notes help me sort out the random panic thoughts from the actual “I need to do this” stuff that comes up every day. I look at this notebook once a day, often more but I sometimes rewrite the notes in numeric order this helps me know how many things I need to do.

Once a task is complete I cross it out. While this may seem a simple and a common task for those of us with anxiety we can be invaded at any moment with literally hundreds of random thoughts that pull us back, in some cases, decades into the past. As an example, I had a random thought while I was driving from 1985 I remember saying something to Nancy Fargene (name has been changed) that was less than pleasant. Not only that it was in the company of others, let’s just say it wasn’t one of my more chivalrous moments. This “thought” expanded to replaying many scenarios from that time of my life out in my head.

No, I am not putting that in my notebook, but my point is it was random, there was no trigger for me. For you, if you are unsure of some of the thoughts you are having, by writing them down and revisiting them later you can sort them out and create clear lists of things that you have to do. This organizational trick helps relieve some of the overwhelming feelings you might get from too many things bouncing around in your head.

Additionally, you might come out of it with an actual task list, and when you finish a task you get an instant anxiety reliever. This isn’t meant to give you something else to do, but rather help to organize the randomness of things that might be coming into your mind. By sorting through the items and organizing just a little bit you could save yourself grief down the road. For years I would try and remember all the things I had to do and had varying success.

In the end any small tool we can use that helps us manage our anxiety is a good thing. Next time you are at the store and see a notebook (I like hard covered ones myself) and its within your price range give it a shot. Try this for a month, if its not for you your only out a couple of buck’s tops. If it helps you a little bit, it was priceless.