You miss the shots you don’t take

Ever play basketball? Last time I played I hit a big 3 point shot in a pickup game that was a beauty. I was covered and I just pulled the trigger on it and wasn’t expecting much. I could hear a team mate groan as I hoisted that brick up, nothing but net, lol.

If I never took that shot, I couldn’t have succeeded.

In the game of life this is true too. Is there something you want to do but just haven’t taken the shot yet? I was the same way when I started this blog, I never thought anyone would give a poop on what I had to say. Here I am a few years later and I am getting visitors from all over the world.

Same with my small gaming channel, I am a gamer it’s my hobby so I started a gaming channel. Nothing special but it’s my little channel. If I never posted a video I never would have had a view or a subscriber…

IF there is something in your life you have been going back and forth on, stop and take the shot. IF you miss, you miss. If you do nothing, then you have a 100% chance of not getting anything at all. Let me put it this way, if you never ask the question you never have the opportunity to hear “YES”

Give yourself the opportunity to hear the “YES”. Take the shot, you might hit it and you will be so happy you did. You are doing awesome; you can do this.

Your Pagan Friend,