A quick tip to help with Anxiety

I know, you see these all the time. Someone has this remarkable tip that is going to solve it all… Click bait crap right? I understand believe me I get it. I don’t know where you live, dear reader. I do know that many of my readers are in the western hemisphere. I have a lot of readers from India as well (Namaste). This tip is good wherever you live but specifically in the west. We are coming out of the winter, spring is happening and now is the time to go outside.

Get in the sun, increase your vitamin D. Not only that you should be going to parks/woods and walking out in nature. Everything is coming back to life and this energy can meld into you, boost you, invigorate you. Trees will bud, animals will scurry, turtles will be sitting on rocks in ponds. Get out there and get into nature. Let the natural world work on you. When things are blossoming and coming to life that energy is real it flows in the air and into your soul.

I know this is waxing poetic a bit, and might be slightly corny. My goal here is, is to get you outside. Get away from the screens, away from the people in your life and enjoy quiet, real quiet. When all you hear is the wind pushing through leaves and twigs cracking because animals are running around you have attained real quiet. Unplug, unwind, rejuvenate. It’s critical to do this every spring as this natural renewal of energy is fleeting the window is short depending on where you live. In my world it is April and early May.

Where is it where you live?

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Beyond the Trees

Middle of the week grind

One thing I will say about the Covid Crisis is since I have been working from home I have had a lot of opportunities to get outside. Not going to be a long post today but what I will say is if you can go somewhere and see something new if possible. As individuals with Anxiety 2020 has been one hell of a year. For me I’m hanging in there pretty well, I hope you are well. Today I’m heading to the spot below.

I’ve visited here before it’s about 8 miles from my house. I live somewhere in the middle of New England and I have all sorts of parks near me which is great. Getting outside and getting away from screens is like an expresso shot for your soul. Ya I love being online, not going to lie about that. However being online nearly 24/7 can be draining. It’s a constant stream of negativity it’s like everyone is at each other’s throats.

So I’m taking a quick break and going outside today, see if I can find a waterfall and let the noise of dropping water consume me. I find it pretty relaxing, minimally it’s all I can think about as it’s pretty loud, LOL. Is your anxiety flaring up today? Go back to nature you won’t regret it!

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Find a little bit of peace: Vol II.

Many things are closed down. The gym, stores, banks, on and on. Your immediate outside surroundings are not. It’s time to go out and find a little bit of peace. Below is a short video of yet another place I found near me.

I live in New England and we have miles and miles of stone fences, old bridges, dams you name it. Its very quiet as well, for the most part…. As you will hear a truck blows its horn at me. I am guessing he was happy to see people out and about.

Is there a little bit of peace near you?

Find a little bit of peace

Not a long post today. I went outside and drove to a park near me. There was hardly anyone there. It was great, I just needed to get out and be by myself for a while. I stumbled onto this waterfall. I stared at it and listened to it for about 15 min.

The noise was loud enough to remove other thoughts from my mind. It was a great distraction and a little bit of peace in a stressful time. Get out there and find your little slice of peace.

Saturday Quick Post

Hello readers !

It’s fall in my world and its a glorious day out today! As you may or may not know I get up at between 4:30 AM and 6:00 AM. I know that’s REALLY early but i get a lot done in the morning, it serves me well.

So I got some time today to get outside, I live in a pretty rural area in the New England Region, U.S.A. Many of my readers aren’t from the U.S. here is a map of that region.

I am located, somewhere in the middle 🙂

So it’s fall and its spectacular. On my walk I got this photo.

Look at the reflection…

I hope your morning was as good as mine !