How to be a better man – The truth about “red pilling”

Let’s be very clear here, Red Pill, Blue Pill has evolved from its original appearance in the matrix. If you claim you are being red pilled now you will be labeled as a white supremacist, a fascist, anti-female on and on. First a quick life observation for you: Often those who are claiming you are exhibiting a trait or behavior are the ones whom exhibit the behavior themselves.

So red pilling in the modern nomenclature, for men means you believe that there is a strident anti male movement in modern society. Now is this true? Partially. It would be more accurate to say there is more anti male undertones in society now than ever before. Believe all women (really ALL OF THEM?), divorce court, police, TV shows, commercials, college campuses., on and on.

Let me be blunt guys, anyone who tells you there isn’t more anti male sentiment is a bold face liar or completely oblivious to reality. Men are portrayed as idiots, incapable of making decisions, untrustworthy on and on in many aspects of Western culture. In some cases, its true, some men are like that, but ALL MEN? No. If you are a man there are degrees of red pilling in society happening right now. I am a white heterosexual man over 50, lol trust me its real.

Grow a thicker skin ASAP.

So what is this “truth” I mention in the intro? The truth is you control how much red pilling happens to you. Females in your life who lean the way of pointing out EVERY shortcoming a man has? Cut them out of your life. A company who continues to put out ads that make men look like morons? Stop buying that product. Courts constantly favoring the female in divorce situations? Don’t get married. Colleges who pontificate about gender inequality? Learn a trade.

Empower yourself to be removed from red pilling situations. Stop consuming it and stop engaging with the people who are in that space. Quick example a woman I worked with years ago was complaining that female golfers didn’t make as much as men golfers. She was right, but she chose not to address why but to state that “there needs to be equity in pay” I told her fine, then eliminate the LPGA and create one gold league and everyone competes with the same rules, winners get paid. She didn’t like that idea of course….

Point here is, trying to have a rational conversation with an irrational person is a waste of your time. Feminists, activists etc. are normally operating from emotion and that leads to irrational outcomes. Move on from them as fast as you possibly can. The quicker you do the happier you will be. You make yourself stronger, work hard, exercise, live right and believe me you will begin to attract like-minded people and your life will be richer for it.

People have a right to believe whatever they want. Red Pilling is the process in which you try to impose those views on others who DON’T believe. You know who they are, and there are a lot of them. Many are partially there, as an example the people who shamed you for not wearing your mask ALL THE TIME during covid. “but I’m in my car alone, why do I have to wear it here?” I had that conversation lol.

Be a better man, work on yourself first. Worry about all the noise later and be honest and clear with yourself who the people in your life are that are toxic and are red pilling you. You have to cut them out ASAP, you will be much happier as a result.

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How to be a better man: A huge red flag

So another post in my “better man” series. These posts are designed to help heterosexual men. They may or may not be applicable to all genders and all sexualities I simply don’t know as I am writing from my personal perspective. So there are lots of red flags in relationships and many of us miss them completely. Often for men it’s the chase and the conquest, warning signs be dammed. It’s one of the worse parts of being a heterosexual make, the lack of discipline can change your life.

So you started dating someone, you like her a lot, she likes you a lot. Many of the “boxes” are checked for you and you are considering a more meaningful commitment. You begin to discuss it and hint at it, or maybe she has then you hear something like this:

“I’ve had bad experiences with men in the past”

This is the red flag. Now this may not come out verbatim but something along the lines of “I was damaged or hurt in a prior relationship”. RUN FOR YOUR LIFE! Why? It’s a prelude to one of the biggest failings in early relationships. One (or both partners) are using their past relationship to gauge you. Of course we all do this to a degree but when someone actually verbalizes it, that means it is paramount for them.

Ancient Wisdom - Confucius
Wisdom comes from experience

Maybe they made mistakes, maybe their prior partner made huge mistakes. None of that is your fault. It’s the other persons issue, and for you to be held accountable for it normally means you will be paying for the mistakes of her past. Thus your future is reliant on how you measure up against SOMEONE ELSES mistakes. Now men do this too, this isn’t strictly a female trait but I’m willing to bet you hear them verbalize more often.

This is a red flag and if you really like the woman you have to get ahead of this quickly by informing her that you are unwilling to be measured against someone else’s mistakes. Ask her to articulate SPECIFICALLY what those issues were and try and address it as best you can. Again this is if you are really hooked but 9 times out of 10 your best long term move is to end this relationship quickly for both of your sakes.

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