3 quick tips to deal with public anxiety

If you read this blog you know we do a lot of pieces for people with Anxiety. We all have to go out into the public world, maybe less so with covid but we are there and we have to have tools to deal with it. This wont be a long post, but here are 3 things you can do to deal with anxiety when you are experiencing it in public.

  1. Shoulders back, stand up straight take a deep breath through your nose and exhale through your nose: It sounds simple doesn’t it? Stand up and try it now, notice how you seem larger? You feel broader? This is a tried and true body language technique that tricks the mind into feeling more confident. You are also projecting that confidence outwardly to those watching.
  2. Smile: Smiles are disarming. Not only that it projects comfort. Simply put when you smile at someone they often perceive that you are happy, calm and not a threat. None of that may be true of course but smiling can help you weave through uncomfortable situations. Standing in line to get a coffee? Sure you could stare at your phone instead, but then youre awareness of your surroundings diminish.
  3. Wear heels: Men you can wear boots with a heel (or pumps I don’t care) but anything that makes you appear taller then you are. Often when we are taller we feel more confident, confidence is our friend in this fight against public anxiety. Also, when you are taller you will find those shorter then you are more apt to project friendly vibes.

Sound silly? Try it let me know if any of them worked, they work for me. J

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Get outside !

A couple of quick reminders

Hey folks, quick post today and in a little bit of a different format. I have a few things I want to remind you of, I hope one of them results in a positive for you.

  1. Help someone. Helping yourself sometimes starts when you help others. When was the last time you helped someone else?
  2. If something makes you smile, it’s worth repeating. In the last few weeks what were 3 things that made you smile? Do them again.
  3. Time is the most valuable commodity on the planet. Your time is limited, so is mine. The time we have and what we do with it is the most important decision we make.
  4. Do something for two other senses. We visualize a lot, go out and smell something really pungent. Find something really unique to listen too, something you haven’t heard before (whale songs?).
  5. Challenge one of your friends to a race. Simple, find a place and race each other. I bet you laugh your butts off and smile.

Just a reminder to do something outside of your normal. It’s too easy to get into a pattern, to maintain the status quo. Do something different, let me know what you did and how it worked out.