Winter is coming? Winter is here

In the U.S. we are in the throws of a severe winter. Record cold, record snowfall for many. Deaths, power outages just a mess all over the place. Texas saw totals ranging from 2-9 inches of snow. Now for many of us thats not much at all but Texas? Its a disaster for them they dont know how to deal with it. Thats not a slight on them, its their reality. They dont have snow blowers, sanders, DPW road plows. The real problem is it got cold, so the snow isnt melting.

In my world its 15 degree’s today we are getting 10 inches of snow sometime tomorrow, on top of the foot + we already have. I live in NE so I am used to it. So a quick post today…. I wanted to say to all my southern U.S. friends hang in there the sun will shine again. The snow will melt things will get better. Being cold sucks, I know I hate it too.

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