Unusual anxiety symptoms

Most of us who dwell in this space, having anxiety, we are very familiar with symptoms, causes, effects, so on. There are of course other ways in which anxiety manifests itself within us and others and for those of us not working on our anxiety awareness or on the fringes of the issue some of these manifestations are hidden within other issues. I found a good article here That discusses some of the unusual symptoms.

From the article: “If you have an anxiety disorder and you’re experiencing a strange symptom — especially one your doctor can’t explain — you might feel relieved to know that your anxiety could be causing it. Whether it’s a somatic symptom or an emotion that doesn’t seem connected to anxiety at first, tying these mysterious symptoms to a known cause could help you manage them.”

The article goes on to illustrate several examples, 9 in total some of which I have myself. Now anyone of these can be attributed to other things. AS an example Tinnitus is cited as one unusual symptom of Anxiety. I myself suffer from this but I believe completely its due to the fact that 30 years ago in the hazy 80’s and 90’s I was a committed concert goer. That doesn’t mean it’s not worse when my anxiety flares but these are not absolutes and shouldn’t be take that way.

Even a thick skin has cracks.

Example, the article talks about chest pains. It may in fact be as a result of anxiety but that’s not something you should screw around with you. You get chest pain checked out quickly and let a cardiologist determine if it’s a cardiovascular issue or not. The article is not without its merits though. Again for someone who is not as invested into Anxiety this may be an extremely helpful look at what might be causing their specific issue.

If you have an ailment, ringing in the ears, aches in your joints, constant stuffy nose you should be pursuing knowledge to determine what is going on and why. The more educated we become in our own health (physical and mental) the better advocates we become for ourselves and the more we can help shape health outcomes for others.

Mental health issues are at the forefront of healthcare now as we come off a pandemic. It may very well be that you have anxiety and or acute anxiety and you aren’t alone. Maybe one of the symptoms listed in the article applies to you? If so get it checked out, don’t be bashful or ashamed here. The sooner you can get a reasonable diagnosis as to what is wrong the sooner you can start work on solving the issue or at least coming to a place in your life where you can live with it.

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1 Easy Trick to help you develop a “Thick Skin”

What is a “Thick Skin”? We have all heard the term or something like it, it’s basically the ability to take shit from people and not react. That’s the simplest example, but what is lost in that simplicity is the nuances to a thick skin. There are levels of course, if I say something to you and your mother says something to you your reaction is going to be different. Being able to brush aside what people say is a fantastic skill and If you can garner any measure of it you will be better for it.

How do you develop it though? How do you obtain a thick skin, or thicker skin? This won’t be a long post because I only have one really good trick for you to work on. There may be more out there but this is the one I use and its worked out very well.

Make a list of the people in your life outside of work. Friends, Family, Children, Spouse. I don’t mean distant cousins you have talked to in 10 years I’m talking about the people who you interact with or talk to regularly. You have the list? What is it 20 people? Maybe 30 (don’t stretch here). Now look at that list and put an X in front of people you don’t talk to at least once a month.

It’s okay to be sensitive about what people say.

Few names? Okay, now put an X in front of the people who you really don’t like. Remember this list isn’t meant to be just people you like it’s a list of people outside of work you deal with in your personal life. Few more names with an X? Now put a check mark next to the people who are the following:

  • Spouse
  • Children
  • Parents
  • Grand Parents
  • Siblings

How many people are left that don’t have an X or a check mark? These should be your “friends and acquaintances” For those pick your 2 best friends and put a check mark next to their names everyone else put an X.

I know this is dragging on, we’re almost done. Re-write the list with only the people who have a check mark next to their name and keep that list near where you sleep. The exercise of creating the list only has to be done once. The easy trick – Before you go to bed every night, ideally right before sleep read the list and repeat this as many times as you can as you read each name “These are the people I love the most in the world, they are the ones that matter the most”.

Over time you will care less about what people not on the list think and say, and your skin will be thicker.

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