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Trusting Billionaires and Millionaires

I am continually baffled by the ever growing cult of personality we see in modern society. From politicians, to celebrities, to business moguls why is it people gravitate towards the extreme 1%? I understand there is a romantic notion out there of how cool it would be to have that kind of money etc. but have you ever taken a deep dive into how some of these people accumulated so much wealth?

We are seeing this somewhat with the Musk takeover of Twitter. As if this is some heroic attempt to further free speech on a clearly biased platform. Sure that might be a nice residual effect but you do realize that the amount of data alone he would have access too by acquiring twitter would be worth likely trillions? You think Google has a lot of tracking/resale of data? What do you think a genius entrepreneur with billions in capital is going to do with all that? Sit on it and just keep twitter open “for the good of all?”

LOL, he’s going to make it a highly profitable PRIVATE entity. That’s what Musk does, he did it with Tesla. It’s likely going to come as a surprise to a lot of you but Musk didn’t start Tesla. He did what he is doing at Twitter, he made a huge investment into the company to become a large shareholder and then changed the corporation into what it is today, nearly 2 decades later. Look I’m not saying he is a villain here but be careful whom you place on a pedestal.

Hero, Visionary, Villain ?

Same for politicians. I remember millions of people online and elsewhere shouting something like “Trump is an idiot” ya he’s so stupid he made millions in NYC real-estate, then made more millions on a successful TV show, then the buffoon was so dumb he became president of the united states. What a moron…. Look at your state senator, let me guess a multi-millionaire right? What a shocker.

Point here is folks the 1% the ultra-rich are cunning, intelligent and extremely savvy. Sure some of them are lucky but many of them play the cult of personality game very well. They are nuanced in their approaches to business, public perception etc. Yes, many of them had a leg up when they started, like Trumpy (he got money from his dad) but he took it to another level. Be careful how much power and adulation you give these individuals.

The Zuckerberg’s, the Musk’s, the Clinton’s, Trumps. They are the equivalent of your ancestor’s aristocrats. Believe me if their hold on capital, information and power is threatened (which you saw in 2020) they will do everything and anything to hold on to power. They will cancel you, lock you down, create obstacles for you to vote on and on and on. It’s about economic class, not race, not gender, not political affiliation.

The haves want to keep us at each other’s throats. If we are fighting each other over ridiculous “ists”, who is watching them?

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Twitter is increasing your anxiety

Twitter is a great means of communicating with other people, so let’s get that out of the way first it is not without value. Unfortunately Twitter has devolved into a running gun battle of shouting, negativity and mental anguish. You really don’t have to go for into the twitter verse to see it either. Maybe you don’t use Twitter, then disregard. If you do use Twitter then you know exactly what I mean. If you suffer from anxiety and use twitter? You’re a glutton for punishment I guess.

Here is a quick synopsis of what a normal day on twitter is like:

Random Twitter user: “I had a great Orange today, I prefer Oranges over Apples”

5-10 Random Twitter users reply: “So what your saying is you hate Apples…. You are a racist/every other ist they can think of”

Random Twitter user replies: “I didn’t say I hate Apples, I said I prefer Oranges over them”

5-10 Random Twitter users reply: “It’s the same thing, you can’t hide your “ist” we know who you are and we know what you stand for”

It’s a lie, names do hurt

Meantime the peanut gallery shows up. Hundreds of replies later lines are drawn, you are either for Apples or against. Names have been called, threats have been made, tears have been shed, and yelling has occurred, anger is abound.

You? You’ve lost your appetite and will likely not eat an orange again and your anxiety is off the charts. Why? Because you prefer oranges over apples.

Perhaps you use Twitter for affirmation, perhaps for you it’s a comfortable environment because you happen to fall in line with the current popular narrative. That’s fine for you, remember every time you pile on, someone else is on the other side of the screen. You might be contributing to their declining mental health, conversely they may be contributing to your declining mental health by disagreeing with you.

At the end of the day all of us who have some form of Anxiety have to take hard looks at what is contributing to our condition. Twitter is a cesspool of negativity and an echo chamber. It’s a constant drumbeat of self-righteousness and that can be extremely exhausting. Anxiety is horrible and Twitter is making it worse for you. If you continue to engage in Twitter you are ensuring that anxiety thrives, stop enabling your anxiety and shut twitter off.

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