New APP for Physicians Anxiety = the future for treatments?

The pressure of being a physician must be astronomical I can’t imagine. People’s lives hang in the balance, families watch in anticipation and then there are coworkers, bosses etc. It’s got to be among the most stressful jobs in the world despite its glamorization on TV. Physicians are people too and many of them have anxiety.

I stumbled across an interesting article here pertaining to a new app that serves physicians exclusively, for now.

From the article: “Clinicians need effective tools to help them reduce anxiety and burnout,” Brewer said. “Digital therapeutics are an ideal solution because people can use them in small doses, at home, on their own schedule. The app-based mindfulness training that we studied does just that: It provides short daily trainings — about 10 minutes per day — that people can access from their smartphone, and it gives them tools they can use throughout the day.”

Basically this gives the medical community an app with some daily activities videos excreta to help them deal with the anxieties of the medical field. Given that we are in the midst of a global pandemic, the timing couldn’t be better for this type of tool. The good news is twofold really, first it’s great for people in the medical profession but secondly the appearance of more tools like this to fight anxiety benefit all of us.

It won’t be long until a larger scale roll out of a product like this takes off. As with most things in the western world supply and demand economics usually drive innovations. Companies expend resources to meet demand with new and innovative products. Apps are a great new kind of product offering. Let’s face it, cell phones and APP tech are fairly new in comparison to other products like cars.

This bodes well for those of us out here who suffer from anxiety. Any tool is a good tool that helps you deal with anxiety. Keeping in mind Anxiety hits people differently some people have severe cases and it is crippling, if this makes it 10% for them it’s a non brainer. Remember anxiety can affect anyone, medical professionals are no exceptions and given the current situation it’s a wonder many of them aren’t developing serious anxiety issues.

One day at a time, you are doing great you will get through this.

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